Theft of virtual money threatens the prison: he has stolen ten million yangs

South Bohemian policemen are being persecuted by a young man (19) from Litoměřice who has made a fraudulent website for the Metin2 internet link. "With this argument, he gained access to other players' accounts and game slogans, coming from a man's game account (21) from Cesky Krumlov, from which he collected 10 million yang and game equipment he bought at two thousand two hundred crowns," policeman Jiri Matzner said. The case was handled by experts in the field of regional crime.

Unauthorized players are being prosecuted for the crime of unauthorized access to the computer system and information carriers, as well as for providing and storing access passwords and other data. "It's more like a game or a boy, in fact it's cyberbullying, it's like they're hitting someone in electric banking," Matzner added.

The cheater has made a faithful copy of the login page in the game, where players must enter the name and password. This has earned their private references. He then placed them on the original page and reached the real account of the other players. As the flash has managed to figure out, such cases are great. They steal weapons or kill characters from the game. However, most players do not solve this problem, otherwise they are excluded from the game.

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