There are a few buckwheat and acorns. You can also collect them by collecting them!

The harvest of forest tree seeds from the extreme climate this summer does not prove this summer. Even in the spring, the start of the seed season seemed promising. "However, the seeds of all trees ripen three to four weeks longer and are dry early," said Zuzana Neznajová of Týniště nad Orlicí.

In most areas, the crop will not be as high as expected in June. "There will also be alder, birch, cranes or questions that do not live long, but they will cover the ground, keep the water in the forest and improve the quality of the forest environment, more robust," said Jiri Groda of the Forestry and Water Management of LČR.

For the recovery of the forests there is a need for sufficient deciduous trees. "As this year shows, the trees are covered with lots of small fruit, but they can not keep it, and the unruly acorns fall to the ground," explains LČR spokesman Eva Jouklová. Bukvice saturates the trees and significantly affects insects and can not be harvested. "Collecting them will be considerably less than we need, so we look for all suitable locations," says Neznajová.

Everyone can join in picking acorns and beeches, and every hand is welcome. "We need enough manpower to harvest seedlings in forest nurseries, and we have to grow forests in the forests," Groda said. The collection is a reward for helpers, only to arrange details about the nearest forest administration.

The raising of a person can cost from 180 to 200 crowns per kilogram of beech wood and from 12 to 20 crowns in the case of acorns. "The collection is carried out in our designated and for the collection of specially recognized stands.A permit is required, which will be given to you when it comes to certain stands," said Libor Provazník of LČR. The quality of the raw materials will also be influenced by the final price.

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