There are more than 200,000 people in councils, a third is female

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At the same time, the Czech Bureau of Statistics (CSO) published a full list of election candidates for the elections in October for the municipal councils and the senate (see the list of candidates for the Senate in this article) of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

According to the general information from the registration offices, the presidents in the councils will receive 17,000 fewer candidates than in 2014 at the municipal elections.

The largest number of candidates is chosen by voters in Prague and in the village of Kateřinice in Vsetín, where 29 lists of candidates are registered. In total, the CZSO registers 25,307. In total, municipal elections will be held in 14,767 permanent constituencies.

Only 33% of the total number of candidates is female. The average age is 47, the two oldest candidates – the master Zdeněk Beček and the retired Vlasta Moravcová – are 94 years old. Without political conviction, a total of 83 percent of the candidates.

The youngest candidate for the Czech senate is still 39 years old

There are 194 men and 42 women in the senate elections. A total of 236 candidates. In terms of age, the most prominent group is older than 60, with such candidates being more than 38 percent. Fifty-five is about 36.5 percent, with younger candidates equal to a quarter. Their average age is 56 years.

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The oldest candidate is Rudolf Karel Mazac for the DOST IS DOST! Citizens for their rights. The eighteenth-year-old conductor and director work for the elections in Prague 4. In the capital, the youngest candidate also takes part in the election. The Economist and former Deputy Minister of Finance Lukáš Wagenknecht, who is now 39 years old, were sent to the Pirates in Prague 8. The age of 40, a condition for election to the Senate, will be reached at the end of September, just two weeks before the elections.

The largest selection – from the 16 adepts – has voters in Prague 8. On the other hand, the smallest competition is in Náchod, Šumperk and Vsetín, where six candidates will compete.

The elections will take place on 5 and 6 October, following a decision by the President of the Republic. The second election round takes place a week later.

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