They carried the girl in her handcuffs because she threw a bag of cookies on the floor

05.09.2018 19:15

City police officers on the island of Karlovy Vary boasted on their Facebook that they were keeping a minor girl who reportedly dropped a cookie pack into the bushes. But the audience did not dare to do this, and most commentators were curious about the unusual approach.

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Those incompetent jokers had an hour off and they would have to pay the girl at least ten thousand damages!

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That people are pigs is clear, I am not an ecologist, but I suffer from their drunken waste processing in the forest. The TV is a daily commercial, where a baby says how she educates her husband in a natural way. Then they go through the forest with full packaging food and drink in PET bottles, then they roll through the meadows and leave with their empty backpacks home and in the bushes they rest their packs of sticks and empty bottles of glue sticks and bags of coke and sweets about to nature ecological storage for several million years. That is what the children naturally learn from their stupid parents. It takes no effort to bring back what I have brought into the forest, and I have to pay for collecting garbage and sorting, so it's just the comfort of broken people.

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"City police officers on the island of Karlovy Vary"

The commander of the city police is the mayor. The people on the island could cope with the city police by choosing not to vote for the party that is the current mayor. They must not vote for the party that is the governor of the Karlovy Vary region
Okamura sometimes has some wild ideas, but to give the girl the cuffs he would not do.
Prior to 1989 such denials were handled by FORCE, or not at all. So people on the island and the Carlsbad region would, if they were not deaf, choose Okamur or the KSČM

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Police officers in the Czech Republic were, after 1989, taught by an American adviser at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and a police officer from the United States, either directly or mediated. Bestiality of police officers and judges in the US is the cause of high crime rates in the US and in all countries occupying the US, including the Czech Republic
In countries where the American occupiers are not, the police act as follows:

Policemen have opted for a non-traditional punishment instead of a fine

Praise is harvested by police officers from the Danang city of Vietnam. Instead of a fine, a driver who went the other way in one direction gave an alternative punishment – and let her write a promise of 50 that she would never

A twenty-year-old, startled race car driver told the police that she had not seen the one-way mark. The guard decided to believe her. So the young woman received two options according to the Vietnamese media. Either pay a fine or write 50 times on paper "I promise I will not go one way in the opposite direction"

The driver sat down on the sidewalk and started writing

Punishing the girl would be a toy. It could be that the young people could provoke a negative perception of the police and reduce the EDUCATIONAL value of the punishment, "said Hoa for the Vietnamese news website

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For communists, VB would not allow a sixteen-year-old teenager to attach a claw. When he was not physically attacked or did not want to harm himself. Obviously, the procedure was disproportionate. It is not long ago that the police on the main railway from Slovakia controlled the people in the train and a bloated lawyer who defended the sun helmets refused to show them the papers. He says he speaks Czech. They have kept the GIBS heads. The way the police were hit was not published.

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She was my daughter, a lawyer at the League of Human Rights in Brno, and those mugs were actually looking for brown, illegal aliens, and one of those motherfuckers said he would check the papers & # 39; to find out how that blonde cat is named and where she lives. Which he did not find even after a few hours of detention at the station. The court ruled that they were right in the law, and the withers illegally cared for it and left it to the chief of the police station and their commanders. And no sunscreen defends, women defends what they want to take home, and those who fight against compulsory vaccinations, so dear VIDLÁKU Kadete kindly do not despise.

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for nothing they put my handcuffs on me. He was in Bartholomew at night, you see for the alleged explosions in the camp. No proof of that time.

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"Moreover, the work of the other officers, who had nothing in common with this case, was despised here", Martínek argues.
Martinek is LOVE. The other officers are also members of the criminal organization "City Police"
– The others, including Martínka, show up and show off that girl's bullying
People throw cigarette butts, cigarette boxes, city tickets and the like.
Those with the officers – everyone, they will not. But here is the young girl, so yes

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when it is left to the police to raise children, we go through usa.vina it is and especially the parenting of the school.

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