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PRAGUE On the occasion of the anniversary of 28 October, President Zeman will be celebrating, among others, Pavol Krup, former journalist Jana Lorencová and former chairman of the Energy Regulation Agency (ERO) Alena Vitásková. He said in an interview on Monday for the Czech radio Radiožurnál. Who are the people who labeled Zeman as "anti-economic" hunters in the live broadcast?

Pavol Krúpa

Slovak billionaire and financier. Born on 6 March 1972 in Bratislava, he graduated from the University of Economics (1994). He started doing business in high school when he sold clothing from abroad. Later he founded a company that sells financial and insurance products. In the mid-nineties Krúpa concentrated on securities trading, which created the possibility through coupon privatization.

In 2003, Arca Capital founded the Czech Republic four years later when Arca Capital Bohemia bought the shares of Moravia Energo from former Prime Minister Stanislav Gross (CSSD). Thanks to a third-party interest in an energy trader (who later went bankrupt), Gross earned 80 million crowns according to the media. In the same year Krúpa bought the company Marila Balírny from the entrepreneurs Tomáš Pitr and Jiří Syrovátka. Most of Arca sold it later, still with only Marilya Ondrášovka, bought by Karlovarská Korunní, and also Šaratici.

Sometimes I blame the media as a "mugger". that tries to exploit the weaknesses of companies that are in trouble. It is known for the interruption of the American money GE as a result of the conditions under which Americans have taken over part of Agrobanka, or Zdeněk Bakal about the issue of the collapsing OKD. In the OKD case, the Krúp group of Arca Capital has been involved for a long time. She had previously offered to buy a mining company. The robber stood up sharply against the transfer of mining apartments. Last May, Arca filed a complaint against the owners of the apartments, Residomo (formerly RPG flats). Krúpa urged politicians in April to join the crimes he had filed in connection with the OKD case. The House of Commons supplies the materials that have collected the case.

In August, the new Krupa Global Investments (KGI) invited insolvency administrator Lee Louda and OKD (formerly OKD) of OKD to open a tender to sell the claims of OKD on Bakal. Among others, in tens of millions of crowns, Arca bought a share in EMH, which plants lithium mines in the Czech Republic. The company also invested in real estate, bought a minority stake in the German football club Borussia Dortmund or Facebook shares worth CZK 1.5 billion.

The Arca Financial Group is focused on asset management, energy and business opportunities. A group mainly active in Central and Eastern Europe has offices in Bratislava, Prague, London and Kiev. It manages assets of more than € 1.4 billion (36.5 billion crowns). Krupa was formerly the largest owner since mid-December, with Rastislav Velič and Peter Krištofovič an equal share of 30 percent. In September, Bakala filed a lawsuit with the US court for a bid to acquire a 500 million crown.

Jana Lorencová

Jana Lorencová

Former investigative journalist and politician became known, in particular, with consistent reports on Czech TV in the program's Nadoraz, Fakta, Klekánice or Za stěnu. The best known were her reports on the LTO (light fuel oil), the scams of the gems or the ruinous campsites.

Between 2013 and 2017 she devoted herself actively to politics, working in the Chamber of Deputies, where she was elected as a non-party for the YO movement. In 2012 she stood unsuccessfully for the Senate as a non-member of the Party of Direct Democracy – the Labor party.

Since 1970 Lorenc has been working as a waitress for political reasons for nearly twenty years before returning to the profession she studied in the 1960s. She made several printed media and in 1994 she was anchored in Czech television. She received a number of journalistic awards, such as the Ferdinand Peroutka, Quail and Trilobite Awards.

Alena Vitásková

Alena Vitásková

Alena Vitásková is a former chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERU), who served in the years 2011 to 2017. The head of the office dealt with companies that operate solar power plants. It criticized, in particular, state aid for this type of power plant, which according to Vitask leads to higher electricity prices. They often talked about operators as solar barons, sometimes as a mafia. Because of the solar power plants she eventually went to court.

The regional court Vításková first punished 8.5 years in prison in the case of unauthorized permits for solar power plants in Chomutov. The Supreme Court in Olomouc has rejected the charge this year, but the case will still be heard by the Supreme Court. Zeman had previously said that the persecution of Vitask could initiate solar barons, but the prosecutors resisted it. The former head of the ERO is also accused of abuse of official authority and violation of the obligation to manage foreign assets in connection with the appointment of Renata Veseckou, the vice president of the Office, in 2014.

He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Brno in the field of construction. Since 1974 she has worked in various positions in Severomoravská plynárenská, as the last CEO and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors. Between 2001 and 2003 she worked for Transgas and RWE Transgas as chair of the Board of Directors and CEO. She was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prague Teplárenská (2004-2006).

Vitásková belongs to the supporters of Zeman, and in March she also participated in a concert in the Prague Castle, held for his sympathizers on the occasion of his inauguration.

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