Thunderstorms in the Czech Republic torn, water spits from the nursery! Others are fighting, warns the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

Meteorologists have issued a warning for severe storms that may affect Pardubický, Jihomoravský, Zlínský, Olomoucký, Moravskoslezský kraj and Vysočina and part of Central Bohemia on Sunday afternoons. Warning is valid from Sunday 13:00 to Monday morning early.

But the rain would be all Monday in the Czech Republic. Warning for heavy rains is valid from Sunday 11:30 to Monday 21:00 for the regions of South Bohemia and South Moravia, part of the region & # 39; s Pilsen and Zlín, as well as Vysočina.

On Saturday it was a maximum of 60 mm. Total totals The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute is expected to be between 40 and 120 mm. If the region is hit by storms, the intensity of the rain increases.

The storm wave passes our territory since Saturday afternoon. In the Moravia-Silesia region until Sunday morning, six firefighters were expelled by firestorms. In most cases it was flooded cellars and removed branches or road mud.

In both cases they also experienced a fire after lightning. "It was for the first time two minutes after five o'clock in Nošovice on Saturday, after a lightning strike in the neighborhood, the electrical installation was burned in one of the garages and the fire spread from it," said Jakub Kozak, a spokesperson for firefighters, who said that the damage is 400 thousand.

In the latter case, the transformer station in Oder burnt, where the storm caused a short circuit and flared cables to the insulator. And the firefighters sprouted to fire a tree in Ostrava. "The smoldering tree first had to be cut from the high-cut technique," Kozák said.

The firefighters in the Zlín region were also busy on Saturday evening and nightly storms. The water flooded several cellars and then went "in one house" to rebuild the roof. A pipeline was blocked in the hospice in Zlín, and the water came to the kindergarten in Březnice.

"The damage caused by the rain is currently only material and personal injury has not been reported," said Roman Žemlička, spokesman for a firefighter. Even in the Zlin region, the firefighters fired mainly because of the mud, the stones or the branches on the roads.

In the Olomouc region, firefighters ran fifteen events due to heavy rain. In Osek nad Bečvou they had to secure a road against muddrift and the barriers were built for the shop in Lipník nad Bečvou.

There were two cars in Belotin stuck in a deep mud, he had to pull the tractor. To the rest of the county they retreated into the flooded cellars or into fired houses, for example in the buildings of a continuous animal fair.

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