Tragedy in Sokolnice in Brno: three people died when four people were killed, four were injured

"Unfortunately, two people succumbed to serious injuries prior to our arrival and the remaining passengers were transported to Bohunice University Hospital and St. Anna," said the South Moravian rescue minister, Michael Both. Exactly what happened on the road between the Tuřany and Sokolnice district in Brno was investigated by the police. The road remained closed for almost seven hours and traffic was only restored before the 15th.

"We do not know the cause of the accident yet, and when we inform relatives about the tragedy, they do not tell the age of the passengers," police spokesman Alice Musil said.

The situation was complicated by the fact that another serious accident occurred at the same time in Dolní Louček in Tišnov, where six women under the age of 30 were injured. "We originally sent a helicopter, but we reminded the seriousness of the accident at Sokolnik Six women, two of them with serious injuries, were taken to the hospital in Brno," Both said.

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