Transport to the rocks in Adrspach collapsed on the fifth consecutive day. Because of the attack of Polish tourists at home

Adršpach (Náchodsko) The transport to the rock village Adršpach in Náchod on Sunday at 11:30 collapsed on the fifth day in a row. Because of the attack by Polish tourists, the police had to close the entrance to the Czech Republic via the nearby border crossing Zdoňov. The police began arranging the arrival in Adrspach from Teplice nad Metují and the cars began to divert to the remote parking garage. Police spokesman, Jan Čížkovský, against CTK.

The journey to Adrspach takes place since Wednesday, when the National Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Polish Day of the Army were held in Poland. Many Poles then left on other days. The same situation in Adrspach was due to the massive onslaught of tourists from Poland this year in the first three days of May. In early May there were also holidays in Poland

The Adršpašské rocks with neighboring Teplice rocks form the main sandstone plateau of the Polish Basin in the Broumov Highlands. Both rock cities are an area of ​​1803 hectares, the largest national nature reserve in the Czech Republic.

The Association of Travel Agencies has called visitors to the Adrspach-Teplice rocks this spring. According to her, some Czech sites will have to regulate the number of visitors in the future as the number of tourists reaches record values ​​and the number of visitors continues to rise. Besides the rocks there was also Český Krumlov or the Hluboká Castle

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