Two secondary schools in Ceska Lipa will start the school year for the time being

Due to delays in construction, the students start to learn the Business Academy and the Secondary Health School in Česká Lípa new school under temporary circumstances. The Liberec region at the Business Academy in Česká Lípa and at the free-standing workplace of the Secondary Medical School and the Higher Medical School completes the project of reducing energy intensity, insulation of facades of buildings, introduction of ventilation system and forced ventilation. Construction has been delayed due to poor quality of project documentation and unpredictable structural-static conditions. The school's covered building is not eligible to start teaching on September 3, 2018.

The original timetable for construction was expected to be completed by 30 October 2018. In June it was not possible to do work within the school with due regard for the maturitní zkoušky. Other complications have led to shortcomings in the project documentation. There has been a financial increase of the project and delays have occurred. The deadline for completion was until the end of November. Student indoor spaces are available in the second and third week of September.

In the first week of September, both schools do not start a normal school year and the pupils are trained differently. Some of the classrooms will be available in the second week of September, so students of the 1st year of the Business Academy of Česká Lípa will participate. Other pupils will be in practice and make excursions.

From 17 September, pupils at both schools should already learn in new classes. "I believe that both students and parents can accept difficult conditions in the first two weeks and they will have clean rooms, especially clean air." told the impact of the project, Petr Tulpa, vice-governor for education, youth, sports, sports and employment.

The beginning of the school year for the pupils of the medical school will take place in the hospital with the Česká Lípa Polyclinic, where thanks to the established cooperation of the school and the hospital there are meeting rooms that can be used for the coming days. "With a bit of exaggeration, we can say that we have been able to turn education from the first grade of high school into a real work environment for future employers," Martin Půta commented on the situation and added: "The situation is all the more unfortunate that the opening of the medical school department in Česká Lípa is one of the most important changes in terms of supply in the new school year."

The students of the Business Academy of Česká Lípa are waiting for a ceremonial opening in the amphitheater of the Museum of Natural History and the Česká Lípa Gallery. Governor Martin Půta will start the school year and welcome students to the branch of the medical school in Česká Lípa. This will take place on 3 September 2018, at 10.00 in the hospital with the Česká Lípa Polyclinic.

This year, the region invests around 700 million crowns for repairs, reconstruction and modernization, including European projects. For repairs to schools, including preparatory work that started or started on holiday, the Liberec region has allocated nearly 81 million krones from its budget this year.

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