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PRAGUE In order to develop intelligent intelligence over the past 30 years, they have not been brutally involved in the discovery of humanity in this area. If they were to develop intelligent intelligence, they could save people from ecological disasters, he said in an interview with Tom Mikolov, a scientist working in a separate study of intelligence on Facebook.

Mikolov is one of the hosts of the international Human AI conference, which is held from Saturday to Saturday in Prague under GoodAI.

According to Mikolov, today as an intelligence artist, today it is mentioned the first time, in the best case of the system based on statistics. People can therefore get the impression to create artificial intelligence that is comparable to human intelligence. However, we are still far from this point of view, for a great discovery we are talking about eme. In my opinion, we will need new, frustrating ideas. So far it seems that the procedures we have tried over the last 50 or 60 years will not work, Mikolov said. Even these storms had to be picked up according to him, for example the translation machines. This field is set, the word representation vectors have led to the leap forward of the translation it has developed for Google.

Yet, according to Mikolov, humanity has nothing to call an artificial intelligence. This is also the case for chatbots or humanoid robots that can answer questions that have been asked beforehand. By marking them behind the wearer's intelligence, Mikolov is the only intelligent society that has developed them.

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People would have a healthy skeptical attitude and the author of the demo they could try, he said. As soon as it is possible to put it down with the pedicure to make it possible for her to blame, the intelligence is not spoken. to do it Man in the Loop – the cycle includes a hunter who helps the robot. I have interesting results, but it is not the same that we have and when the machine can generate new answers, be creative and create new patterns. We are not here. Simultaneous techniques fail at generalization. In order to do something for which we had not explicitly programmed it and did not find much truncation, he explained.

According to him, similar blind people suffer a lot from the intelligence. I am optimistic about the fact that there are many untested parts. Some are very interesting. The field has grown and the number of people who have made intelligence is more than ten or fifteen years old, he said. I am very pleased with the fact that I still live on the road, but on the one hand, but the one who gets the waves of the dream and the promises of some riot and mon. Sometimes I have a bit of an alchemist who promised to create the sage and the life elixir. We have that in the field of experts who promise mountain mines, he said.

Like the discovery of fire

He has developed intelligent minds all over the world and, according to Mikolov, in this leadership, he did not have to win an economically strong time. Let's see who will be the first. I would not even try to guess where I come from. Absolutely not someone from Google, Facebook, IBM, but I think it's someone from high school in Europe. In essence everyone, I said.

If, according to intelligent intelligence, the plow develops, Mikolov says it will be a leap for mankind because it was your discovery of fire. Uml intelligence has the potential to improve life. I think it's going to be a hunter and his ability, just like a car improves the ability of a hunter to move, he said. From the umel of intelligence and entanglement of related technologies also promises the human intellect. On the contrary, it is not in the apocalyptic scene, according to which the machine is a hunter and a good planet. I see it so that the pot and the people are integrated together and a new level of life will arise that will be able to do what is still unthinkable, Mikolov said.

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