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Uml light is definitely expressing vc. But as experts warn, I am so poisonous. Usually the effects of artificial light on human health are documented by people working in non-smokers. In short: those who work for smokers under the age of five have good health. But the light of light does not only affect healthy people. Great consequences for moss and insects. The non-illuminated city of the surrounding area literally explains the insect, which, after letting go and vain, does not end to get the light to the light. The light of light and the light smog produced the light of a good servant and patn, who was accepted by the Commission for the Academy of Sciences of the Republic.

How did the effects on human health reduce the lighting? Shattered in lacing and nonch hours, the biorhythm of the human mouth is disturbed. That the tradin jumps for the lesson, the motives. The first appearance of darkness and its attitude to light all affect the formation of melatonin, a hormone that carries regenerative processes that poison the organism for toxic effects.

Melatonin promotes the function of the immune system and is an anti-oxidant. This means that it is a cream against a chemical reaction. If the body is exposed to light both in the evening and outside hours, melatonin will be washed later and in limited quantities.

His secretion secretion was associated with the outbreak of cancer, investigating its association with a tendency to depression, obesity and metabolic disorder. The most favorable was the documented influence of art lighting in people working on smoke. The research shows that those who work for smokers younger than 5 years, the elite will have no health consequences, for Zdena Bendov of the ND for good health.

And what about the ivoichov

Uml is not only illuminated by the people but also by the other organisms. They have not been able to take off their faces and they are so defenseless in the light of light. Even with all of these there is a natural biorhythm, a change in territorial and reproductive races, and a narrowness in non-landscapes.

Light smog, for example, is one of the volumes of a gigantic island of insects from landscapes. Light sources catch insects like a magnet. they have existed for so long and the earth is out. Must come out of the landscape at night and do not eat enough food for the rest.


The city of light attracts insects from the surrounding countryside.

Thus the prickly rocks create so-called areas of the dark sky, where light is polluted as much as possible. In the Czech Republic there are still many: Beskydsk, Mantnsk and Jizersk. He prepared the Nody Park Podyj, which negotiated these units with the municipalities on the basis of a national park.

Come here for a false paradox. Produced teeth-nails during the day, but at night the protection seemed to have ended, until Pavel Suchan of the astronomical status of the Academy vd. Even in the northern parks, wages and non-livestock are exposed to risk and not daily threatened.

Non-landscapes with each other are also of aesthetic value. Monost vid star will not only be a star, the dark silhouettes and the dark landscape bag are not yet valuable, which would have enough eye and fan to protect the light from the light. Still a factor on the edge.

What is lightly soiled?

As a lightly polluted light, the light-eye or the light of light is called any non-artificial light, the illuminated illuminated light. One of these is primarily the scattering of the light from the illuminated public spaces to the space where we do not want light. But there is also the light from public space to the house and house, glittering and the illumination of everything that is not yet what is now the result of the imperfect changing of the luminous flux.


Light smog is not only on star, but also on rus and other people.

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Rest & night city and village R off. The light to the area of ​​the light of public lighting, the world glass of the building, the supermarket can not be solemnly captured by the memories, deposits of the store. So also the headlamps of the car & # 39; s. The light breaks from the windows of our houses. And experts warn if there is such a surprisingly lumpy light, then it is contagious. And then talk about the slight smog.

The interdepartmental working group of the government is now asking for the first protection of the population against light pollution, to the Minister of the Environment, Vladislav Smr. It is, of course, a question of darkness and of the fact that it is self-evident that the House of Representatives of the Council of the EU Council in 2022 will be the first light of the world.

Regulation and who gets used to it

The problem is that the first rule for light regulation in the Czech Republic is minimal. The amendment to the Progress and Landscape Protection Act of 2017 regulates the location of light sources only in national parks.

The new 2012 Air Traffic Act even dropped the definition of light pollution from the text. Prior to rushing light, it may be necessary to draw up a building invoice for the construction or for public buildings.

The environmental committee of the Academy of the Rd proposes to recognize the protection against light pollution for public purposes and to convert it into legislation. To do this, it would have to take the pime of regulation and limit the harsh light of both the state and the municipality.

How are the main lights of light?

The world is overwhelming, without the intensity of light in the world, when people sp.

The lighting body with an incorrect direction of daylight, often to the sky, to the open land or to the windows of residential buildings, is used.

Tet pine is used light with inappropriate color and intensity at an inappropriate time.

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