Unpleasant storm and crackling. People in Cheb again experienced a slight earthquake – CT24 – Czech television

The epicenter of the earthquake, according to EMSC, is located northeast of Ase, at a depth of two kilometers. There were hundreds of people in Cheb, Lubech, New Church, Habart, Krajka or Sokolov. But they are also recorded in remote locations such as Tachov, Nejdek or Karlovy Vary or Kadan in Chomutov.

The earthquake swarm in Cheb appeared for the last time in May of this year, when shakes with different force appeared repeatedly for two weeks. The strongest earthquake then surpassed the magnitude of four.

In Cheb the earthquake is no exception, in the eighties collapsed house chimneys

Cheb is one of the most active seismic areas in the Czech Republic. The cause of the earthquake activity here is probably the weakening of the earth's crust under this area and the decaying volcanic activity. In Western Bohemia, the youngest volcanoes in the Czech Republic are located: Komorní hůrka and Železná hůrka.

Fortunately, the accumulated energy does not come free in the form of catastrophic disasters, but in the form of earthquake swarms, when thousands of weaker shocks occur within a few days or months. As a result, the energy is gradually released and without significant consequences.

Most of the shocks happen in a bustling area near the Nieuwe Kerk, about ten kilometers long and at depths of six to eleven kilometers, according to the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

The strongest shocks occurred in the region around 1985 and 1986. At that time the strongest shocks reached a force of 4.6 degrees and cracks in the walls or cracks in the houses collapsed. "1985 was a major breakthrough, it was the biggest earthquake that we can count on for the last hundred years," said Seismologist Milan Broz of the Geophysical Institute at the Academy of Sciences.

The record was also the year 2011, when Chebsko was shaken during thirty-four times during the day. The last stronger shocks were in 2014, when the shocks reached 4.3 degrees.

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