Validates at the poverty line? The council of people with disabilities wants a senate proposal for pensions and says that it is fairer

"We are convinced that the Senate version of the law is considerably more just, taking into account the situation of the most economically disadvantaged people, those who are long-term retired, have no means to save, practical life on the brink of poverty," he said. President of the NRZP Václav Krása.

According to the Czech Social Security Administration, the average occupational disability pension is more than 1300 Krones lower than the average old-age pension.

At the end of last year, 424,242 people received an occupational disability pension. There are three types of invalidity pensions in the Czech Republic. First-degree disability has a person whose labor capacity has dropped by 35 to 49 percent. The second phase corresponds to a decrease in skills by half to 69 percent, the third to more than 70 percent.

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Invalid first-year pensions at the end of last year amounted to 166,077 persons, receiving an average of 5,998 CZK per month. A total of 72,708 people had a second-level pension, an average of 6922 kroner. Third-grade retiree invalids were 185,457, on average received 10,655 crowns.

According to Krasa, according to the Senate version, more than 50,000 people could get a thousand crowns. Expenditure would increase by about 600 million.

Jan Hutař, head of the National Health Insurance Fund, said that since 1996 the conditions for the award and calculation of disability pensions have deteriorated. For example, it reduced the income that people could have for their retirement. "In the last ten years, the invalidity pension has not been included in the age of the right to an old-age pension, only the percentage of the years worked is calculated", Hutaf added.

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