VIDEO: the reconstruction of the National Museum is culminating! Major changes are also waiting for the environment

The reconstruction of the main building of the National Museum and the dominant Wenceslas Square for two billion crowns will peak. The first visitors are after repairs opens on October 28, 200 years after the establishment and on the anniversary of 100 years of the republic.

Approximately 2500 square meters, where many exhibitions will take place, will be accessible will be Pantheon. "But people can also look forward to major changes in the neighborhood,"The director of the National Museum, Michal Lukeš, said" I believe that the museum will not only become a favorite place for relaxation and relaxation, "he added.

For example the slope on Legerova Street will revive a large number of plants of exclusively Czech origin. The streets between museum buildings must be the main pedestrian zone. "She should have it tram stop with stops, which will in the future contribute to the importance of the square between buildings as a hub of public transport, "Jakub Hendrych added other changes to the Prague Institute for Planning and Development.

What & # 39; s next

The total building permit for the historic building awaits the museum in the spring of 2019. The positions in the building are opened in the same year in autumn Nature and wonders of evolution. Another exhibition that is gradually being opened by 2020, presenting the largest exhibition project in Czech history, linking historical and scientific themes to the use of state-of-the-art presentation forms.

The traces of the bullets remain

Traces of shooting down Russian soldiers who were 50 years ago they mistakenly thought they were on their way to the Czechoslovak government or parliament, on the facade of the National Museum stay after the reconstruction. They are less visible, but when the painting gets darker, they will again be more pronounced. According to experts, it can be fast. Cleaning the façade damages the top layer and speeds up the process of turning black.

The repaired National Museum will finally be opened to the public. Ivan Hladík

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