"We have a gun on the sidewalk", a policeman who has pulled a pistol on the driver – ČT24 – Czech television

According to the injured policeman, a black Mercedes-free ride without any restriction risked the delivery of an invalid and that is why he was blown away. The policemen called him to stop and then blocked his way at a major intersection. The two officers got out, Slavotinek had a pistol in his hand and demanded proof.

According to the lawyer and the lawyer, the police officers took the men out of the car by force in the so-called badger. During the proceedings he was cursed by contempt, which the accused also confirmed. According to prosecutor George Richter, a policeman struck a man in his head or hand and launched a cell phone from his hand, calling for an emergency line and asking for help.

On the contrary, the policeman stated that the driver from Karlovy Vary had repeatedly been on his way to the police car in the narrowed lanes on the repaired Patton Bridge. Then he ran very fast, he laughed at them, and he did not react to the beacons, the light signals or the badge for the insignia that Slavotinek showed him from the window of the car.

"I wore the rifle just like a tactical element on the sidewalk, and even before the driver opened the car, I hid the gun," he said. Slavotinka said that he and his colleague had been involved in a new unit in which a dangerous offender who had been trained in the Foreign Legion would be detained.

The case was investigated by the General Inspectorate of Security Corps, who stated that the police would have to litigate. She evaluated witness statements, public and private room records, expert advice on police officers and the conclusions of a psychiatrist's opinion.

In those days, defendant Slavotinka was commander of the Pilsen intervention unit. CTK said he is still in it, but is now on study trip to the head office of the police with a lower salary, out of service not built. The second policeman, Josef Němec, who was the head of the intervention unit, did not commit a crime according to the investigators. According to Slavotinka, he remained in office. The court will hear him on Thursday at 13.00.

According to Judge Lucie Bočková, the court should rule on September 27. The reason is that she has to hear two witnesses who are outside the Czech Republic.

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