We would be one family with Zuzana, says Petra Paroubková. According to the expremier she attacked her

Previously, you wrote books in support of Jiří Paroubek and defended him where it was. Have you been wrong?

We both have changed a lot. I, after having conquered the stroke, and he after diagnosing the disease a year after my accident.

Severe disease?

I would not like to talk about it.

So how did Jiří Paroubek say that you were struck by the disease?

He decided to make us a family with Zuzana to have each other if something happened to him. I continued with him to make him feel better.

What was this convergence?

We went to the restaurant with Zuzana, where I had to apologize to her because her husband was estranged. And that it was not fun for me.

What was the reaction?

She expected her, she demanded the apology. Then she offered me a stick and tried to come together. I thought that we would become a few of our friends, and I do not even forgive me. Which is understandable after all. I was naive, problems that did not cause it, but it added a quick fall. By the way, even when Zuzana was handled, there was a big financial deal.

Are we talking about a large amount of money that was not part of the divorce regulation that the media received?

But of course. For him, his way of life and the finances in which he moves, it is not a large amount of money. But for many people, including me, it is a big problem.

What do you think of a new relationship between Jiří Paroubek and Gabriella Kalábková??

I am totally indifferent.

But your child will spend time with her while she looks after her father …

I have my strong opinion, but I will present it in court and I will find out.

Between the lines I read that you think it's a problem …

To some extent, but if my concerns are overthrown, it will not be a problem.

Do you have a new partner?

I will not comment on it. I do not have to show the nation that I am strong and that I am eligible for younger and younger partners such as my husband. Privacy I want to hold on.

Petra attacked Zuzana on the street, says Paroubek

"A year and a half (Petra Paroubková) is constantly threatening threatening my friends, my background, attacking a former woman on the street. Fortunately, happy. She is, we say, weird. It's a campaign, I'm ready to tackle it. Of course, I can hardly handle underpass strikes. They are all sub-bases, "he said on the iDnes.cz show, the expatriate and former CSSD chief Jiri Paroubek were shot dead.

"She also asks for a psychiatric examination from my current girlfriend, it's just a psychologically very complicated person," he said, adding to the Blesk of News reporter.

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