Will Prague remain a cultural world heritage? UNESCO criticizes it

The UNESCO meeting took place in the summer in Bahrain, where Prague was also involved. Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová (for JA) refused to attend this meeting, said deputy mayor Petr Kolínská (for Zelene) on Facebook.

After the end of UNESCO talks, Prague sent an urgent notification about the status of the Prague conservation reserve. "They are pretty upset about how we are addicted here, they say they are very worried about our access to high buildings near the historic center."

The UNESCO letter called on Prague to tighten up the monument law. Although the mayor is planning to change the law on heritage care, but certainly not according to UNESCO.

On Thursday 6 September, a bill will be discussed at a meeting of the council, according to which new buildings would no longer need permission from the National Monument Institute.

UNESCO will follow the situation in Prague. By December 2019, Prague should submit an updated status report to be examined.

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