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While politicians want to verbally increase their salaries in the public sphere by six or ten percent, they would be far more likely than other government employees. "We do not see the only reason why the wages of politicians increase by 20 percent," Mikulas Ferjencik told Pius.

The government sent the proposal to the Chamber of Deputies in early May, but it was postponed by the deputies for three months. Only Pirates with the help of the moment, but only 44 MPs are looking for approval.

"We are ready to resubmit the wage bill on Wednesday at the meeting because we consider it a disgrace that the law has been in the House for almost four months and the deputies block the discussion," said Pravu Ferjenčík. According to him, Pirates does not want to behave like papalas.

"Since we have supported the pirate proposal in the past, we will also support it on Wednesday," said SPD club chief Radim Fiala.

Will she talk about a pension?

Probably, however, on Wednesday, when the House meets after retirement because of pensions, it fails. The heads of factions rightly say they say they will talk about the agenda. "We also want to suggest some points, we have to have fun," said ODS club boss Zbynek Stanjura.

"I can not speak for our colleagues, we will act accordingly," Jaroslav Faltýnek, the chairman of YES, reacted briefly.

"The final decision falls after the first meeting of the club before the talks," said the head of the People's Club, Jan Bartošek. The CSSD club will also be advised, as announced by its chairman, Jan Chvojka. According to TOP 09, Vice-President Markéta Pekarová, Adamová is not likely to expand the agenda of the meeting, but members of the club will act accordingly.

"I suppose the debate about raising the pensions for which the meeting was convened would be pretty stormy and outright, so extending the agenda of the meeting with other points is not a good idea," said KSČM Vice-President Leo Luzar.

Almost 130 thousand for members

It can not be excluded that the reluctance of deputies to regain their income will not be able to pass the payroll due to deadlines by the legislature at the end of the year, and nothing will change since January. According to calculations, from the beginning of next year the minimum sum of the basic salary and the remuneration of the legislators must go from 115,300 to 126,700 gross per month.

The base salary of 75,900 crowns per month is received by only one tenth of the delegates, the majority of which increases the functional allowances. The lowest flat-rate allowance for transport, food and representation, which is added to the salary, is 39 400 crowns this year.

From the beginning of next year, the basic salary of the legislator should be CZK 83,400 and a reimbursement of CZK 43,300. In the minister's case, the salary would have risen from 144,700 to 159,100 crowns and the compensation from 21,100 to 23,200 CZK.

At the premiere it would go from 203,600 to 224,000 and the compensation would increase by 2,600 CZK. Most would adhere to the president, with a salary of 252,800 to 278,000 crowns and a compensation of the current 235,200 to 258,700 crowns per month.

To do this, however, it is necessary to add a further increase of thousands of crowns to all players as a result of wage growth in the state sector, the salaries of politicians being calculated.

Calculations are missing

Exact figures are not yet available: since the beginning of 2017, the Czech Bureau of Statistics has not taken into account the salaries in the so-called non-business sphere, from which the incomes of politicians and judges develop, according to the new European methodology. However, the government gave the statisticians the assignment to go back to the old methodology this spring, and only for the constitutional actors they have again counted the non-business sphere. The results will be in September.

From the beginning of 2019, the so-called benefit base, which is used to calculate the salary factor, would reach 2.75 times the salary in the non-business sphere, with the government wanting to raise this figure at the level of this year, namely 2 ,5 times.

The government, as it wrote in the explanatory memorandum, does not take into account the "unprecedented intensification of the salaries of state officials, particularly with regard to the way other groups of employees are compensated".

Some Members of the European Parliament claim that if they want to intervene in their income, this should also apply to judges and prosecutors who have repeatedly reclaimed their original salaries with reference to the independence of the judiciary. The revenues of judges count from three times the average wage in the non-business sphere. The claimants are then entitled to 90 percent of the judges' salaries.

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