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PRAGUE The World Trade Center will publish material dedicated to the 50th anniversary of August 1968 in the former Czechoslovakia. Nmeck, Austrian, British and French newspapers, pines reminiscent of both the soldiers and the soldiers who had invaded the then invasion of the troops of some of the Varavsky, in the SSR. The AP agency printed an interview with photojournalist Josef Koudelka.

The British think The Guardian portrays photographs, pbh and posters of Milan Linhart's photojournalist, his slang sneeze for 43 years in forgotten.

One of the problems is that the events of 1938 and 1968 took place in the course of a certain period and that there was a great demoralization of the nation, a court of a diplomat who was on the so-called spring break

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the two most powerful politicians of the country, Prime Minister Andrei Babi and President Milo Zeman

Meeting with the German troops in Davli

The AFP office brought a report from outside another report from the village of Davle, where, due to the fate of August 1968, America's movie "Most at Remagen."

The boys in the (Soviet) dances were confused when the Nazi Army was negotiated, it was negotiated, which lasted several hours, the AFP & # 39; s Kvtoslava Dufkov, which at the time was a 14-year AFP.

AFP and the commemoration of Bulgaria, which was one of the countries in the Varavsky Pact was to send his soldiers to the SSR It was politically determined: the w as inconceivable to leave Czechoslovakia for 80 years, Lubo Banov, who in August 1968 ordered the Roethen to fly in Ruzyne. As a soldier we have fulfilled our duty, not even civilians, the AFP quotes a former soldier.

The consequences remain today.

The Austrian newspaper Kurier shared his experiences with his colleague, Esposloven emigrant Jan Patschov. The spring break and its crack are more than just the delivery of the djin. The results continue until today. Forced forced into the period of normalization, the moral pte of society destroyed, wrote Patschov.

About the sentence of the Holy Spirit, so the NMDED mdia. The regional newspaper Mrkische Allgemeine spoke at the time with the rocker, 17-year-old Vchodoberlanem Tonim Krahlem, who demonstrated the demonstration at the Vrchlabí NN in 1968.

AP interviewed Josef Koudelka

AP-bureau had a conversation with the worldwide photographer Josef Koudelka, who took the famous sob 50 years ago with his camera from the streets of the street. The pleasure of giving so many photographers enabled me to do something that I thought I would never be able to prove, said an 80-year-old photographer. And I think most people in Czechoslovakia who knew me as a photographer did not even think I would do something like that, Koudelka added.

The plight of spring in the spring of the tragedy. But then there were also ghosts, Koudelka said. For me it was one of the greatest minds, and it was done in the case of disagreements and elsewhere, people can change overnight, change in simplicity, in response to the invasion of the nude unified

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