You do not have to give a chimney sweeper anymore! Save from September

At the end of this year, 850,000 households had completed the overhaul of the solid fuel boiler. Based on the experience of 2016, when the first legal revisions took place, the Ministry of Environment (MoE) changed the law on air protection. The new revision of the obligation to carry out further revisions goes back to 2019.

The mandatory revisions of the boilers introduced the law on the protection of the air in 2012. The first visit had to have households with a fuel boiler at the end of 2016 and every two years thereafter. "We have proposed changes to our first series of revisions and you have made changes to the Chamber of Deputies," said Minister Richard Brabec.

Revisions are mandatory, not every two but once every three years. People will save money, but the effect of revisions will be maintained. If people do not have the techniques specified by their boiler manufacturer, they can choose another reviewer from their neighborhood to avoid having to pay unimportant amounts for transportation. "Thanks to our news, we guarantee that people know what the amount of the assessment is and that this price is reasonable," says Brabec.

For the prevention of exorbitantly high prices, the Ministry of Environment is currently working with the Ministry of Finance on the possibility of introducing a price limit for both service and transport during boiler inspections. That is why the price must be priced for both the service itself and the cost per kilometer.

The Ministry of the Environment is also preparing a new comprehensive database of reviewers in the Czech Republic. "Thanks to this system, people can find the nearest technician using the form or the card viewer, after entering the address, the location of the boiler, the manufacturer and the type of boiler, and also communicate directly with the manufacturers and the prices offered. compare ", added Kurt Dědič from the Ministry of the Environment. The database would like to see the Ministry of the Environment operational in 2019, the second series of mandatory revisions

Thanks to the novel, legal exceptions will apply not only to those who have a boiler of a non- existing or unknown manufacturer, but also on those who do not have a trained technician on their brand and the type of boiler at a reasonable price

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