Zeman goes to a government that approves the prospect of mistrust and a deficit of 40 billion

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Zeman said last week that you were in Schillerov & # 39; s initial deficit of 40 billion. Doubts are about a few billions, which are not at all suitable for discounts for students and dockworkers.

When the vote in July before the vote of two to defend the Andes Babie Meningo was criticized. I'm not in favor of a deficit in economic growth, he said, and he talked about limiting you.

It is the duty of the president to support the government designated by him. Ministers come and go, but the programs have to go wrong, the president said in the House of Representatives and the two parties have chosen YO, SSD and so KSM. The communist has decided to tolerate the government.

The budget is the maximum of month. We were forced to balance the demands of the country and individual resorts, to our Schillerov ministry.

The priorities for investment are investments that are equally senior and have a higher salary in the administration. The opposition to the high yield was caused by investments and high deficits in times of economic growth.

The Ministry of Finance proposes the total salary amount at 1,550 trillion crowns and income up to 1,465 trillion crowns. With a deficit of 40 billion kroner in 2020 and 2021.

The promissory note, which must be sent to the Chamber of Deputies, must be paid by the promised salary, which is CZK 13.5 billion in comparison with the Letok. Robert Plaga, Minister of the World, can pay ten percent on rates and five percent more on rewards. Ten percent salary of non-pedagogical staff in the wheelchair should also be increased. The budget of the high rounds would increase by two billion crowns in the fifth year compared to the year.

Salaries from January will increase even more work places in public services. Trade unions agree that they will raise rates by five percent, police officers and fire by two percent. Remaining money to redeem and pay. Pidvn will not plunder and he must reach people with a small smile.

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