Zeman has once again supported the construction of the Danube Canal – video

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České Budějovice – Agrosalon started with the breeder in Ceske Budejovice. President of the Milos Zeman Republic re sponsored the construction of the Danube-Oder-Elbe canal during the opening ceremony. Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman (for ČSSD) promised to help the farmers affected by drought this year, but he has not adopted specific measures. The president of the Czech chamber of merchants, Zdeněk Jandejsek, said that cereal cultivation, despite the drought, is not catastrophic. Several women of the Martha Prayer megaphone started to start. On the new president they called & # 39; Shame & # 39 ;. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality does not participate in the continuation of the subsidy program for the restoration of chapels. Exorcist Jurečka wants to ask Toman about it.

"As far as the drought is concerned, I just want to remind you that the steps are small and that the steps are big." So a small step that was my responsibility was to restore a neglected pond in Lanan Park with permeable soil, "Zeman said similar steps are recommended to anyone who has the opportunity.

"A big step could be the corridor connecting the Danube to the Oder," he added. He recalled that former Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek (for ANO) stated that this corridor could bring water to South Moravia. "I hope Mirek Toman will have the same opinion," the president concluded.

Video: President Zeman on earth the breadwinner

23.08.2018, 18:22, author: Václav Koblenc, source: ČTK

Even before the start of the show, several women on the megaphone exhibition called Prayer for Martha, after the arrival of the presidential phase they chanted "Hanba", but the music went out. One of them was in hand with a banner with an anti-Bashi and an anti-Semanian inscription. The president was not present at the 50th anniversary of the occupation by Russian troops in 1968.

"The fruits of our country?" Zeman was angry and my fear of the children, and Bureš collected the collective amnesia, "it is written on a banner." The "Hanba" was also asked by Senator Milan Štěch (CSSD).

The former president Václav Klaus also came at the start of the agrosalon. According to him, nature shows that he is powerful against what people can do. Information about the worst harvest of this year is, according to him, at the level of statistical errors. He appreciated the robustness of the Czech agricultural sector.

Toman appreciated the work of Czech farmers who, according to him, harvested in extreme weather. "I believe the food industry is also capable of processing the crops that their colleagues have done", the minister said.

On the six-day earth, the breadwinner introduces 550 exhibitors from more than 20 countries, the organizers expect that more than 100,000 people will visit the agricultural and food exhibition as in previous years.

Agrosalon recalls the history of Czech agriculture. The National Agricultural Museum shows more than 100 years old motor teams Praga K and Excelsior P, historic tractors and enthusiasts. But interested people will also be able to look at new technologies such as soil sensors, self-steering tractors with built-in GPS, drones with camera or automatic milking system.

One of the focal points is the CR10.90 variety, written in the Guinness Book of Records, harvesting nearly 800 tons of wheat in eight hours. People will also see a new beer harvester, Holmer, weighing 32 tons, and can get beet from an area of ​​36,000 square meters per hour.

For the first time on earth, the breadwinner becomes the pavilion of the best Czech wines or the presentation of angus cattle. There will be more than 100 outdoor playgrounds for pets. People will see the bumblebee in the amphitheater. The program also includes demonstrations of the cutting and milking of goats or sheep. Basic intake is the same as last year, 140 crowns.

The Ministry of Agriculture cancels the program for the restoration of chapels

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality does not participate in the continuation of the subsidy program for the restoration of chapels, paths or regional agricultural museums. ČTK said today Václav Tampír, head of the press department of the office. Former agriculture minister Marian Jurec (KDU-CSL) wants to question both the current Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman (for the CSSD) and Prime Minister Andrej Babis (YOE). The program was launched by Jurečka, with hundreds of millions of crowns per year.

"The program for restoration and maintenance of cultural and rural elements is decided by the previous minister (Jiří) Milka (for the ANO) and will not be listed in 2019, only the payments for this year's application will be completed," said CTK Tampir. This year, the Ministry approved applications for 129 million crowns, which will bear fruit.

The Ministry of Culture, under which the program could theoretically fall, said that the special subsidy program of the Ministry of Agriculture would not take over. "The Ministry of Culture has its own subsidy program, which has long been supported by the renovation of chapels that are cultural monuments," said CTK spokesperson Simona Cigánková.

Jurečka wants to talk about it with Toman. "They have written something in the program description of the government, where it speaks quite intensively about the culture, and suddenly there is a big turnaround," said the vice-chairman of the KDU-ČSL. According to him, the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture must be at least 200 million crowns for the continuation of the program, for example to help regional agricultural museums, to repair excursions or resting places. "They are all in the basket now," Jurečka added.

According to him, the program was also advantageous for the regions because it involved small projects carried out by local carpenters or carpenters.




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