Zeman piste in silence to occupy, CT wants Kisk. Adam: "The President for the Disgusted"

Slovak president Andrej Kiska asked for an extraordinary performance in public radio and television (RTVS) on 21 August. The speech is related to the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia

Czech President Milos Zeman "His courageous speech has already been made by the President, when he declared that he was in the beginning of the normalization against the occupation was dismissed for this function of the University of Economics, "said Jiri Ovaccek, a spokesperson for the press, on Twitter .

Czech television condemning Kisk

Czech and official requests were made to the public to see Kisku for their concession fees on August 21, when Zeman decided to remain silent "But please," said the magical earpiece, " responded to the social network by the deputy chief editor of CT Frantisek Lutonský,

According to information, the Flash is definitely not finished yet. "Transfer of President Kiska's speech We would like to deal with RTVS" reported Saturday morning Blesk spokesman, CT spokesperson Karolina Blinková

Everything is probably on the way. Czech television wants to enrich its Tuesday-day special, in which Kateřina Marta Kubišová Kamila Moučková Petr Pithart and Jan Svěrák would like to perform. ČT24 is broadcast throughout the day from the Vinohradská Street, where battles for the Czechoslovak radio section took place in 1968.

Adam: Kiska is our shadow president

Respective politicians. Markéta Pekarová Adamová from TOP 09 in response to Kisk said: "Andrej Kiska fulfills for a long time the function of shadowy for those of us who are disgusted with the policy of our resident I am therefore glad that he will not keep silent about the anniversary of the occupation, and we will be able to listen to a state speech that we will not be ashamed of. "

Another member of parliament Jana Černochová (ODS) added: "The silence of the president seems to be a positive news for everyone at any time. For the Hrad group a spol It recalled the recent words of KSČM Chairman Vojtěch Filip for The Guardian, when he defended the Russians for the invasion of Czechoslovakia on the anniversary of August 1968.

In August 1968 the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops, led by the Soviets de facto, the Prague Spring, an attempt by the Czechoslovak Communists to establish "socialism with a human face." In Czechoslovakia a long and rigid normalization period began. , which ended in November 1989.

In the first series about 100,000 soldiers, 2,300 tanks and 700 aircraft entered the territory of the Czechoslovak Republic Gradually growth the occupying troops to 750,000 soldiers and 6,000 tanks. On the first day of the occupation 58 Czechoslovak civilians, including a girl of eight, were killed or fatally wounded

Babiš, Štěch i Vondráček are preparing for speeches

From Czech politicians next Tuesday, YES) , the Presidents of the Senate Milan Štěch (CSSD) and the Chamber of Deputies Radek Vondráček (ANO). He will perform on the Czech radio station (Czech radio) during a commemoration ceremony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the invasion.

Babis responded to a meeting of the government in August 1968 when he criticized the words of communist Philip. "I condemned it, it was an invasion, it was unacceptable," he said, adding: "People said the Rusks came in. I remember that night that they came out what my father was doing. it is a disaster for the entire nation and it is of course necessary to condemn it and remind it that it happened at all and that it was possible at all. "

Fiala : It mainly tells us about Zeman [19659005] "The President of the Republic will not remember the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia, it is a special decision that most people tell about him," said ODS Chief Petr Fiala. Civil Democrats are released on August 21 in a quiet march from Rudolfin to Klárov.

And in connection with the silence of Zeman and the words of Philip, he spoke with Babiš with his coalition partner Jan Hamacek. "The communists do not change – with their fiction, admiration for Moscow, the devaluation of crimes and the falsification of history, which they always excelled in. The anniversary of the invasion of August 1968 is an opportunity to recall who it came to power thanks to Andrey Babiš and Jan Hamáčk, " said Fial, calling on people to show patriotism on August 21 – a positive value, but tries to" steal various "fools, demigods and extremists. "

" In our own interest we can not leave them patriotism … 50 years ago, real patriots demonstrated with national flags on the street, windows, cars. I will also renew this patriotism, "adds Fial, adding that people should not only mark their flag when playing football or hockey, but also on August 21.

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Zeman as standardization Politicians

Criticism has now ended up on Zeman's head. Journalist Michal Klíma noted: "President Milos Zeman commemorates the anniversary of the Soviet occupation as well as standardization politicians, then silence." Even Gustav Husak did not remember the day that brought him to the head of the state and the Communist Party. "

But he also forged a fake report by Karel Schwarzenberg on Twitter, who speculated that Zeman could play – but at TV Barrandov, where he has his regular meeting with Jaromír Soukup for which not only to him) a complaint was filed on Soukup's agenda by the Council for Radio and Television Broadcast for the election of the Zeman rivals before the second direct election of the head of state

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