Zeman promised an oncological illness punished for paying a salary at home

PRAGUE President Milo Zeman pardoned an oncologically ill man who had been punished for misuse of powers, and he was authorized to make a decision and pay a salary. He also spoke with Ji Ji Ovek. He is condemned to an inanimate life and he has no public function, a repetition of a similar act is therefore excluded, according to the castle.

The President of the Czech Republic has complained about the fact that he suffers from an oncological disease for which he needs a long-term specialist and a highly specialized position on the shop floor and has given him the rest of the punishment imposed by the freedom of criminals to abuse the powers of the person, to take his decision and to accept the salary, wrote Ovek.

According to the president's office, he undoubtedly led him and helped the company. Because it is unfortunate that it has no public function, the recidivism of the same action is excluded, he added. The president considers it inappropriate to keep the rest of the sentence, and through his humanitarian efforts he has made a pitiful attempt to combat the life-threatening illness.

At the presidential election in 2013, Zeman said he would not make any mercy except for a strictly limited number of humanitarian affairs. The power of grace was handed over to the Ministry of Justice in December 2013, which is quite legitimate, and the castle merely states that the conditions are set by the Zeman – the perpetrator should not be considered a crime, it should be a health problem and family reunion.

Since 2013, the president has given ten pillars. This is the first in a second term, Ovek said. The biggest controversy arose in Zeman's baggage to give a favor to Ji Kaynko, who had served his life for double murder. In all mercy, Zeman Zeman has emptied with an unfriendly state of condemnation. In one case he gave the mercy to set up the paparazzi, which had provided for the dt.

This year Mui had the mercy of a man who had killed his husband and son during a traffic accident. Reluctantly he did not satisfy the condition of his health, but Zeman punished him as too much and cruelty.

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