Zeman started the nutritionist. He was welcomed by red shirts and Martha's prayer, and they took him by the cart

In the Czech-Budějovice exhibition center, the agricultural division of the agricultural cultivator starts today. 550 exhibitors from more than 20 countries will be present throughout the world during the six-day event. Organizers expect more than 100,000 people to visit the agricultural and food exhibition as in previous years. President Milos Zeman spoke at the opening.

The exhibition space was exactly at half past nine. First he greeted the organizers and then went to the main stage. Last year, however, there was a pavilion in the pavilion, where the organizers had facilities for visits and walked with their colleagues on foot and grew up with people.

Besides Zeman, expatriate Václav Klaus is also present at the fair. Zemana and this year they were in the wheelchair – this time the minister of agriculture Miroslav Toman (for the CSSD).

Red welcome shirts

Upon arrival of Zeman Several women withdrew from the megaphone prayer for Martha. The president called the "Shame" and kept red shirts.

Milos Zeman went to the breadwinner on earth. He was also in a wheelchair (23.8.2018)Milos Zeman went to the breadwinner on earth. He was also in a wheelchair (23.8.2018) |

Finally, he spoke in the Chamber of Deputies in July

One of them was in hand with a banner with an anti-Bashi and an anti-Semanian inscription. The president did not publicly participate in the events on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the occupation by Russian troops in 1968. Zeman was the last public speech in the Chamber of Deputies in mid-July.when the other government of Andrei Babiš asked the deputies for trust.

"The fruits of our country? Zeman & # 39; s hatred and my fear of the children. Bureš collected the collective amnesia, " it is written on a banner.

With banners in the past few days many protesters have appeared at memorial or memorial events, often Zeman's criticism. In a demonstration against Prime Minister Babiša and his government movement, a ritual act changed Tuesday for the Czech radio. Instead of a speech by Zeman, Czech television broadcasts the words of the Slovak head of state Andrei Kiska on 21 August.

Several women were in the Martha Prayer megaphone before the earth began. On arrival of President Zeman they called "Shame".Several women were in the Martha Prayer megaphone before the earth began. On arrival of President Zeman they called "Shame". |

Pond repair

The president is always waiting for an official launch of the agrosalon. Zeman boasted in his short speech that he had been on earth for the fifteenth time.

"I've counted it recently, so I can not catch Václav Klaus, but even the 15 visits are great because they have brought great experiences – for all I want to say," Zeman said at the beginning.

In his play, Zeman mentioned a drought that not only fights the entire Czech Republic, but also Europe as a whole. In his words he already fought in the park in Lanan, where he rescued the pond.

"As far as drought is concerned, I want to remind you that the steps are small and the steps are big, so a small step that I was responsible for was that we had repaired a neglected pond in Lanan Park with a leaking bottom," he boasted.

Milos Zeman went to the breadwinner on earth. Expats Klaus (23.8.2018)Milos Zeman went to the breadwinner on earth. Expats Klaus (23.8.2018) |

"A big step could be the corridor that connects the Danube with Odra," Zeman added. He recalled that former Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek (for JA) said in a case study that this corridor could bring water to South Moravia. "I hope Mirek Toman will have the same opinion," Zeman turned to the Minister of Agriculture.

The former president Václav Klaus also came at the start of the agrosalon. According to him, nature shows that he is powerful against what people can do. Information about the worst harvest of this year is, according to him, at the level of statistical errors. He appreciated the robustness of the Czech agricultural sector.

Short program, slivovitz and car

After the exhibition in České Budějovice, Zeman pressed, just like a year ago, between the pavilions in the golf cart. The director was extraordinary – minister of agriculture Miroslav Toman (for the CSSD). They even had a small load on the trolley – a basket of Czech onions.

On the cart Zeman had a loaded basket with onionsOn the cart Zeman had a loaded basket with onions |

Although the doctors advised long ago to reduce alcohol, Zeman did not break the tradition this time and tasted Bruntál's plum brandy. It is traditionally offered by František Cáb, who has been on the planet since 1998. Since 1999 he has been received by the presidents leading the agrosalon.

Zeman also went to the food room stand and missed a meeting with the head of Madness, who mainly produces cheeses in South Bohemia. Everywhere in the camp there were security members, even civilians among ordinary visitors.

According to editor Blesk, who watched Zeman on the exhibition grounds, the staff of the president had their program reduced to a minimum on Monday. Zeman left in the afternoon.

Honor for the exponent of Shveh

At the beginning of the Agrosalon, Zeman also announced that during the celebration of the centenary of the Czechoslovak state, the memorial was honored by former Czechoslovak Prime Minister Antonín Švehl. He will award him the highest Czech honor – the Order of the White Lion.

"It has been a renaissance for the past 25 years and I would very much like to see politicians who could support the farmer at the same time at the political level – as the creator of a landscape behind it" Zeman said.

Drones, threshing machines and other attractions at the funfair

For the first time on earth, the breadwinner becomes the pavilion of the best Czech wines or the presentation of angus cattle. There will be more than 100 outdoor playgrounds for pets. People will see the bumblebee in the amphitheater. The program also includes demonstrations of the cutting and milking of goats or sheep. Basic admission is the same as the 140 crowns of last year.

Miloš Zeman visited the earth for the breadwinner (23.8.2018)Miloš Zeman visited the earth for the breadwinner (23.8.2018) |

Agrosalon remembers the history of Czech agriculture this year. The National Agricultural Museum shows more than 100 years old motor teams Praga K and Excelsior P, historic tractors and enthusiasts. But interested people will also be able to look at new technologies such as soil sensors, self-steering tractors with built-in GPS, drones with camera or automatic milking system.

One of the focal points is the CR10.90 variety, written in the Guinness Book of Records, harvesting nearly 800 tons of wheat in eight hours. People will also see a new beer harvester, Holmer, weighing 32 tons, and can get beet from an area of ​​36,000 square meters per hour.

The Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic will discuss agro-forest proposals from the European Commission for a common European agricultural policy after 2020, which rejects proposals for maximum subsidy limits per company.

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