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6 Tips to protect heart patients from heat stress and sunburn

Amidst these harsh climates and the high temperatures of the weather to the highest level, it seems tiring for all citizens, but fatigue increases in heart patients and people suffering from chronic health problems.

High temperatures cause total heat stress, but in the case of patients with chronic diseases and heart conditions it can become a real risk to life, especially if the patient does not follow the instructions of the treating physician and offers experts in heart disease package in this context important tips that heart patients have pledged out.

1 – go to the nearest hospital with stress and there are instructions to receive all heart patients who suffer from heat stress or sun rays.

2 – Heart patients should move as far away from the sun as possible and not be exposed to direct radiation.

3 – intake of a large amount of liquids and fresh natural juices, especially fruits that contain minerals and salts, to compensate for the body's lost moisture during the heat.

4 – Focus on the follow-up of the health situation, and with high temperature or the appearance of symptoms of sun rays, must go to the hospital immediately, especially that the heat stress leads to confusion of blood pressure and general dryness and dry mouth, may be accompanied with loss of consciousness, and provide the patient with solutions after measuring kidney function and levels of magnesium, sodium and potassium in the blood.

5. Make sure you eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

6 – Start breakfast on dates and eat a soup dish.

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