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A butcher caught a firefighter at a wedding in Heliopolis

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Referring to the site of the echo of the country, on Monday, November 26, 2018.

Police at Khanka police station succeeded in arresting a butcher after injuring a citizen with a root spray while shooting photos to celebrate a wedding ceremony.

When she arrives at the police station of Khanka from a hospital in Heliopolis, Cairo, she receives citizenship. O. A – 54 years old – works as a henna for brides – resident of the police department of the first city Nasr – Cairo ("infected with a thrombosis and bruise), and was detained for treatment and can not be doubted.

Immediately she moved the examinations of the department and asked her to her son Mahmoud. A 28-year-old employee and resident of the same address decided that if his mother was present at a wedding ceremony at the department of the department, one of the persons shot fire in the air to celebrate the wedding, resulting in her injury.

Research and research found that behind the commission of the incident mentioned / Maher. P. 55 – year – butcher – and resident of the Syriacus district of police station Khanka, where he fired shots of an individual cartouche was in possession of the joy of the wedding, one of which was accidentally injured, and after the legalization of procedures was directed and the suspect was arrested, and faced with acknowledgment of the incident, The firearm that was used in the incident is a "homemade cartridge and two cartridges with caliber cartridges."

The necessary legal measures have been taken with regard to the incident and the presentation to the public prosecutor who initiated the investigation.

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Source: echo of the country

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