Affects mental health A study calling for the home isolation period to be reduced to 14 days

Studies have shown that long-term isolation and social isolation from society over an extended period of time also have major consequences for a person’s mental health.

Some experts and epidemiologists called this 14-day isolation exaggerated because of Corona, indicating that the person does not need to be in quarantine for a long time after being infected with the Coronavirus.

A report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States of America, as part of the latest measures against COVID-19, called for shortening the isolation period for infected people to 7-10 days or less, with a negative test report as officials think it will help more people take this disease seriously and similar guidelines have already been given in Germany and France where the isolation period for people with COVID is between 5 and 7 days at most.

According to the “timesofindia” website, isolation and quarantine help limit the spread of the disease and ensure that the carrier is not passed on to others, and it also guarantees the age limit of the contagious virus.

It was previously speculated that COVID-19 could continue to spread the virus for up to two weeks.

Recent studies have shown that the virus life span may be short.

And a recent study published in the Lancet Microbe indicated that no live virus can be isolated and live beyond the ninth day of symptoms, even in patients with a high viral load, meaning a COVID-19 patient after nine days may not be contagious.

And an extended quarantine period may not be right for everyone. Like some people who are at an increased risk of severe COVID-19, only a small percentage of people are at risk of developing COVID-19 pneumonia and severe respiratory infection, which means they will have a higher viral load in the body for periods. to have. It’s longer and tends to move it too.

People with a mild infection, who tend to recover within a week, may not benefit from weeks of isolation.

And since most people tend not to get tested until after symptoms start to worsen and wait another two or three days for them to recover, the peak of the infection may start to fade and serve no real purpose.

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