Ashes first comment on the decision of the Supreme Media Council to stop journalist Osama Kamal

Al-Mehwar Channel’s management has released a statement on the Supreme Media Council’s decision to suspend the media, Osama Kamal, presenter of the 90-minute program, for a period of two weeks.

The statement read: “ Based on the dedication of the Al-Mehwar Canal, whose history spans 20 years, the commitment to professional values ​​and therefore the commitment to support the leadership, government and people of the country , support Egypt’s current and future trends and be a shield against any media that destroys, threatens or disrupts our mobile reality. The direction of the construction and development, and on this basis, Al-Mehwar TV confirms its response to the decision of the Supreme Media Council on the respected journalist Osama Kamal.

The statement added, “Osama Kamal is not in a new face on Egyptian channels, and everyone recognizes his professionalism and commitment to the principles of the profession, which was expressed in the episode rather than the decision that he is relying on what he says about his sources, a term we will certainly understand from the head of the Supreme Media Council because of his background. ” The journalist … to whom we hope to revise such decisions, and to whom we affirm our respect and commitment to the call of the political leaders to open a free and diverse dialogue on the issues of our country and ‘constructive criticism ‘not to be overshadowed.

“Al-Mehwar TV will remain a free platform, its calendar, its home country and its programs will serve its nation, and this will remain its message,” the statement concluded.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Media Council had investigated Telecom Egypt’s complaint against the 90-minute program on Al-Mehwar and the program’s presenter, Osama Kamal, and decided on the complaints committee’s recommendations regarding the irregularities that occurred in the issue of November 28, 2020 for a period of two weeks. The channel was fined £ 100,000.

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