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«Blood and parts of the brain in the car» .. Details of the incident «delayed engineers»

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A pool of blood that sinks the earth. Parts of the brain are full of the introduction of car angel, whimpering and shouting, and shouting "Lord are family patient", and the voices of "Sarina" police cars & ambulances, and traffic disruption for some time, words summarize the atmosphere of an accident, run a businessman, A licensed arms dealer, a man in the sixth decade, an accountant, in his car in the Al-Mohandiseen area, seized by the security forces, and the prosecutor of Aguza in Giza ordered him to be held for four days for homicide investigation.

Ahmed Qarni Abdulrahman, 51, traverses Syria Street with Shehab to meet a black car driven by businessman Mf, 80, at a crazy speed, according to eyewitnesses.

The car was thrown to Karni, the victim, to the second direction of the road to make his head explode and he was killed immediately. The residents were warned of the painful incident. When he approached the body of the victim, it turned out that he was a man in the sixth decade. He also fell to the ground without moving after his skull exploded and sustained injuries in his left hands when the bones came out of his hand.

The witnesses told the prosecutor, under the supervision of counselor Mohammed al-Manshawi, the Attorney General, that they noted that the businessman accused of parking his car about 100 meters away from the incident could not stop his car immediately because of the high speed at which he was running.

According to witnesses, the suspect was on his way to his son's house, who lived on estate 46 in Syria, and that after he held him until the police showed him that he is over 80 years old, and some of them scolded with the words: "Umal if you are young people, have you worked? Arrested the defendant and taken to the main directorate of Agouza police station.

The tragic scene ended with the ambulance carrying the body of the victim in the midst of calls from people to him: "Our Lord is patient with his family" and questions from the police: "Do you know his family?"

The security services searched for the address of the victim's family after it became clear that he had not worn a cell phone. The address on the victim's identity card turned out to be old and the body was transferred to the Zinham morgue until his family arrived.

The prosecutor investigated the accused's car and found it to bear the number "JDN-954", crashed the car's headlights after the impact of the collision and broke the front glass, which scattered parts of the victim's brain that exploded, and ordered the reservation on the car and examined by an expert from the general directorate of traffic.

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