DNA worked in America. Ashraf Abdel-Baqi reveals a surprise about his origins

Artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi said he did a DNA analysis in America to not know his ancestry because he was sure of it, but he had seen a TV show in the past that hosts a group of people and tells each one of them about his origins and the program does a DNA analysis for him and they discover the history of his origins earlier. 1000 years, so he wanted to know his ancient origins.

“Abdel-Baqi” added during his television interview on the “Al-Sirah” program broadcast on the “DMC” satellite channel that he discovered after DNA analysis in America that his family has been in Cairo for 400 years.

And artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi went on to say that he worked with his father in his iron workshop at the beginning of his life, and everyone in his father’s workshop treated him very well because he was the son of the workshop owner, but they wanted teach him all the arts of craftsmanship.

Artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi greeted and thanked all the participants and attendees of the Cairo Film Festival and added, “We are all present despite all the circumstances and challenges because of Corona now awaiting us and on our feet.”

“Abdel-Baqi” said during his foray into the Cairo Film Festival that there are challenges that have hit the film industry in Egypt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, adding, “The last period was in the theater and it is possible to manual work and I have no problem. “

Ashraf Abdel-Baqi continued jokingly, “Many directors like to check the location, because that’s why the director“ Sayes ”can work, while the photographers like to ride the bus and work in the discussion profession.

Ashraf Abdel-Baqi added that the star Ahmed Helmy was in the kitchen the longest time, and he made a cement cake, and he brought a hammer and broke it.

The festival’s director, producer and screenwriter, Mohamed Hefzy, expressed his happiness and pride at what the ‘Cairo Film’ team had achieved during the 42nd session, stressing that he had never lost hope of it in its usual form. on the ground, despite the pressures and major challenges imposed by the Coronavirus, be it for the film industry. In the world or in air traffic.

Hefzy promised to present to the Cairo audience an excellent program, with all films carefully selected, indicating that this year the program team was able to shoot 84 films from the latest and most important productions of 2020, including 20 films in the first international and international screenings , and 10 Egyptian films, in addition to the more than 10 films that have won the most prestigious awards for major festivals in the year 2020, at the same time praising the great success achieved year after year by the platform ‘Cairo Days for the Film Industry ‘and the support it provides to the film industry, either through workshops, lectures and seminars, or with financial support through the Cairo Forum Cinema, which this year exceeds $ 250,000.

Hefzy was keen to thank all the local and international media for their continued support and commitment at the Cairo Film Festival to help bring this difficult session to a safe place.

At the opening ceremony, which will be broadcast live by the DMC channel, the great writer Waheed Hamed will honor the Golden Pyramid for Lifetime Achievement Award, the same award the festival awards to British writer and director Christopher Hampton, as well as artist Mona Zaki with the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence.

Also at the ceremony, which witnessed a special performance by the artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, and a new song by the singer Tamer Hosni, will introduce the committees of jury competitions and prizes from the 42nd session, the main one being the international competition directed by the Russian director Alexander Sokurov.

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