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Dollar price on Monday Updated in the Egyptian banks and exchange market May 13, 2019 .. & # 39; morning

Follow us on a daily update The price of the dollar On the Egyptian market and the black market, and the effects that determine the price of the US currency on the Egyptian market, we offer you a daily update of the latest green exchange rate of the dollar, the dollar has risen to unprecedented levels since 2011 and demand increased and supply fell, leading to significant activity in the black market and led The decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the pound against the dollar into a price bubble raised the price of the dollar to nearly 25 pounds, while positive data on the Egyptian economy and large increases in the cash reserve, the Central Bank of Egypt, were periodically announced to improve the dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound, string The dollar price of banks gradually increased to an average price of £ 17.30 and the black market activity declined to include an average exchange rate between £ 17.30 and £ 17.40.

The price of the US dollar now
Dollar rate today

Dollar rate today

  • Updated on Monday: The average selling price of the dollar in the black market stabilized with its average price for more than 6 months and was £ 17.25. "The supply and demand law controls the dollar in both the Egyptian market, the banks and the black market." Trading on the parallel market depends mainly on price speculation and the spreading of rumors to achieve Profit, and was strongly influenced by trade with a view to the stability of banks' green exchange rates at one price average over a long period and the gradual improvement of the economy and the increase in cash reserves.
  • The price of the customs dollar for imported goods is fixed at the dollar price in the Central Bank of Egypt, whereby the exchange rate of the customs dollar is liberalized, such as the liberalization of its price on the Egyptian market according to the law of supply and demand.
  • Increasing the creditworthiness of Egypt to B1 and the national debt for B2, which led to a new fall in the dollar exchange rate of banks in April.

The price of the dollar today in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 17.10

National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)

Lowest price: 17.16

Arab international bank

Like a bankPurchase priceSelling priceLast move since then
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)17.1017.2022 hours
Mashreq Bank17.0917.194 days
Al Baraka Bank17.0917.194 days
Arab International Banking Company17.0817.1818 hours
Industrial Development Bank17.0817.187 p.m.
Arab Investment Bank17.0817.184 days
Egyptian Arabian land bank17.0817.1818 hours
National Bank of Kuwait NBK17.0817.1821 hours
Egyptian Golf Bank17.0817.1820 hours
Bloom Bank17.0817.184 days
United Bank17.0817.184 days
Suez Canal Bank17.0817.184 days
Egyptian Export Development Bank17.0717.174 days
National bank of Greece17.0717.1722 hours
Housing & Development Bank17.0717.174 days
Banque Misr Iran Development17.0717.1721 hours
Bank of Egypt17.0717.174 days
Credit Agricole17.0717.1722 hours
Agricultural Bank of Egypt17.0717.1722 hours
National bank of Egypt17.0717.174 days
Arab African International Bank17.0717.174 days
Bank of Alexandria17.0717.1722 hours
Bank Audi17.0717.177 p.m.
HSBC HSBC17.0717.1720 hours
Central Bank of Egypt17.0617.197 p.m.
Commercial International Bank (CIB)17.0617.164 days
Arab international bank17.0617.1622 hours

The price of the dollar in the Central Bank of Egypt

The central bank of Egypt (CBE) is the main determining factor for the official exchange rate of dollars in banks. The official transactions are carried out at the dollar rate determined by the Central Bank of Egypt, while each bank determines the exchange rate of the dollar according to its monetary reserves. , The purchase price that incorporates 17.17 pounds and the sale price 17.25 pounds.

The general trend of the US currency in 6 months


Morning and evening update: US exchange rates stabilized further in the afternoon, following a fall in dollar buying and selling prices in the morning, the best buy of ADIB at £ 17.13 and the best selling of CIB at £ 17.16.

The green currency of the Egyptian market is related to the law of supply and demand since the liberalization of the exchange rate of the Egyptian currency against all currencies, as well as the central reserves of foreign exchange, especially the dollar. The dollar's bank reserves have risen to unprecedented levels since 2011, leading to the stability of the dollar exchange rate against the pound, and its trend to fall in the medium term.

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