Egypt News Latest news / Magdi Saber: "It was possible to do a sixth and a seventh part to shed blood but we said enough"

The scriptwriter Magdi Saber said that the clash of a scientist
Goodness with evil is the reason for the success of serial "bloodcatenary", indicating that the series
It should end with the third part, but the fourth part was completed
And the fifth to tell events and to show the period of the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

He added during his meeting with the program "90
Minutes "with Dr. Mohamed El-Baz, broadcast on the" axis "of the channel:" was
We can do the sixth and seventh part of the Blood Sequel series, but we say enough. "

He continued: "Blood series is very simple
Social, mother was the secret of his success, because it is very natural, and close to the people and contained details
In a simple and smooth way, and I wonder why people wonder. & # 39;

Date: 2018-11-13

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