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EU extends sanctions against Syria until 1 June 2020

The European Union decided on Friday to impose sanctions on individuals and entities associated with the Syrian authorities for their involvement in what he called "violent repression of civilians in Syria" until June 2020.

"In line with the EU strategy for Syria, the EU has decided to maintain its restrictive measures against the Syrian regime and its supporters until 1 June 2020, where the repression of civilians continues," the European Council said Friday in a statement.

"The Council has also removed 5 dead persons from the list, just as one entity no longer exists and one entity no longer has reasons to keep it under restrictive measures."

"The list now includes 270 people and 70 targets through a travel ban and freezing of funds because they are responsible for violent repression against Syria's civilian population, who benefit from or support the regime, or are associated with these individuals or entities."

The European Union said the sanctions currently imposed on Syria include "imposing an oil embargo, restricting certain investments, freezing assets of the Central Bank of Syria at the European Union, as well as restrictions on exports of equipment and technology which could be used for internal repression, as well as for surveillance and interception equipment and technology. Internet or telephone communication ".

The European Union concluded by declaring that "the European Union remains committed to a sustainable and credible political solution to the conflict in Syria as defined in Security Council Resolution 2254 and in the Geneva Declaration of 2012."

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