Hanadi Muhanna publishes photos from his honeymoon in the Maldives and Ahmed Khaled Saleh says “In Heaven with love”

Artist Hanadi Muhanna and husband Ahmed Khaled Saleh shared her journey with her fans during her honeymoon in the Maldives.

“Hanadi” posted a photo of her, and Ahmed Khaled Saleh commented on his photo that he published saying, “In heaven with love”, and the two photos met a lot of interaction from their fans.

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Hanadi Muhanna released her first song, Shadh “Awal Kalam”, and the clip featured scenes from her wedding to the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, which are taken from the words of Muhammad Atef, Median composed, arranged by Ahmed Adel, piano musician Hani Muhanna , Gitar Mustafa Nasr, and the technique of Khaled’s voice Compassionate.

Hanadi Muhanna and Ahmed Khaled Saleh’s wedding witnessed an artistic crisis due to the presence of festival singers Hassan Shakoush, Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal, after the Musicians Syndicate harshly criticized Hanadi’s father, artist Hany Muhanna.

Hanadi Muhanna published an explanation of the invitation of festival singers Hassan Shakoush, Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal to her wedding.
Everyone is free to hear
She added, “A lot of people love them, and it’s not because I’m Hani Muhanna’s daughter who can still listen to these songs. Everyone is free to listen to whatever they want.”

The great musician Hani Muhanna revealed the fact that he had used the singers Hamo Beka and Omar Kamal and said, I did not invite Hamo Beka, Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal either, and I was surprised by their presence at the wedding and I know in not their shape in the first place.

Hanadi Muhanna celebrates the birthday of her husband Ahmed Khaled Saleh during his honeymoon «Photos»

Because of Hanadi and Ahmed’s marriage, there is a crisis between Hani Muhanna and Hamo Beka and the Musicians Syndicate.

The engagement of the artist Hanadi Muhanna to Ahmed Khaled Saleh .. Photos

Hanadi Muhanna: “I am the one who decided that Shakoush, Beka, Kamal and Baba did not know.”

Hanadi Muhanna presents her second musical work, “The First Kalam”

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