Nisab seized 90,000 pounds in the central Delta

Set up a quorum that has been taken over

Nisab seized 90,000 pounds in the central Delta

Ahmed Yahya – Mohammed Al – Dasti


The General Department for Public Money Inspections succeeded in arresting someone because he had led the citizens and earned money from them because he would have driven them abroad.
The Directorate-General of the Investigation of the Public Money (Central Delta) of Mohammed and EA, and another, Ibrahim Ibrahim M, and the fraud and seizure of it, and the confiscation of the amounts of the total (90,000) ninety thousand pounds from (120,000) one hundred and twenty thousand Pounds, allegedly traveling to one of the Arab countries, and offering them employment opportunities, but have not committed themselves to this and refused to repay the seized amounts.
The research and collection of information shows the existence of Abraham. The owner of a clothing factory and a resident of the Mahalla al-Kubra police station in the Al-Gharbia government, has been involved in criminal activities in the field of fraud and fraud against citizens who want to travel abroad and the money of the complainants take over because they would have been transferred to another country. However, he did not follow this and refused to repay the seized amounts
After the legalization of the procedures the suspect was arrested and the suspect admitted to the incident and the necessary legal action was taken against the accused.

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