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Now the latest frequency MBC drama. Mbc drama new 2019 on the satellite NileSat The latest series of February

MBC-frequency drama mbc drama new 2019, frequency channel mbc-drama Numerous dramas delivered by the channel mbc-drama, varied between Arabic, Hindi and Turkish series as well, and also varied Arabic series, including the series Golf, Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian, and thus always sharp MBC channel Drama about diversity and innovation to attract the largest number of viewers in the Arab world, and it is considered one of the oldest Arab channels that only offer dramas.

Mbc channel drama on Nilesat satellite

The frequency of the channel mbc drama looks many viewers in the Arab world for the frequencies of the channels of the drama always, and the most important of these channels channel mbc drama.

She has always tried to gain the trust and love of Arab viewers who look at and are interested in drama. She is always interested in what's new in the drama series.

The channel can be received and viewed via the following frequency on the satellite Nilesat by adapting the receiver to the following frequencies:

The new MBC drama channel

The moonMBC channel frequency dramapolarizationCodingCorrect the error
Nile za11938v275003/4
Nile za11470v275005/6

Dubai TV frequency drama on NileSat satellite

frequencysatelliteCodingCorrect the errorpolarization

It is worth mentioning that the channel mbc drama specializing in different types of drama has an official site via the social networking site Facebook, where it announces the latest updates of its programs and the latest work of the channel via this site , you can now enter the official channel mbc drama site on Facebook.

Channel mbc drama

Mbc drama 2010 was launched during a big party in Dubai and after a very short launch it was able to get very high viewing figures for the analog channels of drama channels.

Has delivered a large number of important feuilletons and successful dramas that have received the admiration of many of the followers of the drama in the Arab world of all kinds.

Mbc is interested in Arabic drama, but it has not prevented it from changing, it has also shown Indian and Turkish soaps and has also shown Mexican soap operas.

The most important drama currently on the channel mbc drama]

  • I am famous … I am a traitor
  • The Rock Story
  • The series of the ninth of February
  • There was always a series
  • Serial kings of the sects

The most important feuilletons shown on the channel mbc drama

Samra series
Samra series
  • Series: Rock Tale

    The Rock Story
    The Rock Story

  • Serial: was displayed at any time

    There was always a series
    There was always a series

  • Series: My Way.

    My way
    My way

  • Series: I am famous … I am traitor

    I am a famous serial trader
    I am a famous serial trader

Series: kings of the sects

Serial kings of the sects
Serial kings of the sects

Mbc drama shows many drama series, including the series show for the first time and others.

The new MBC drama series is currently scheduled for February 2019

Serial name Displays at full hour
  • Serial Samra Actors: Nadine Nassib Najim, Ahmed Fahmy, Mona Wasef and Samar Sami
16.00 hours
  • "Rock Story" starring Vladimir Brechtau, Alan Morris, Natalia Del and Raphael Vetti
5 pm
  • In the lead role: Sherine Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Fahmy, Bassel Khayat and Soussin Badr
  • A series in every time In the main roles: Suad Abdullah and Jassim Al Nabhan and Salah Al Mulla
7:00 PM
  • The series of the ninth February Starring: Ibrahim al-Harbi, Mahmoud Bushahri and Hanadi al-Kandari
  • Series I am overwhelmed by desire
    With: Arjun Beglane
    My study is bloody
    Sorikha Sakri
21.00 o'clock
  • I am a famous traitor … I am the traitor with the leading role: Yasmin, Ahmed Fahmi, Khaled Zaki and Ahmed Fouad Selim
10:00 o'clock
  • Series of kings of the sects in the lead: Jamal Suleiman, Ayman Zidan, Tim Hassan and Slav Fawakherji

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