Postponement of the new trial of the suspects in case of killing an exclusive child

The Giza Criminal Court, which was detained at the fifth meeting, decided Tuesday to postpone the reconsideration of the accused Khaled Abu Talib and Tahir Abdel Tawab in the case of the murder of the child Yusuf Al-Arabi for the next session of 15 January to the request for a reply from the suspects & # 39; in progress.

The trial against the accused, after their arrest, was restored to a prison sentence of seven years.

The Cairo Criminal Court, held at the fifth meeting, condemned three suspects, including two fugitives, to the murder of the child Yusuf Sameh al-Arabi at Al-Hosary Square in the city of October 6 in May. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and accused of criminal prosecution.

On 6 November, the Prosecution referred to the cause of the death of "child Yusuf" as a result of a shot down while standing in a shop in front of the Court.

The referral decision issued by the Public Prosecutor in October under the supervision of lawyer Medhat Makki, the prosecutor's first Prosecutor General, included the transfer of 4 defendants, including two prisoners and two runners who had not been arrested during the investigation period to their completion and regulation by reference to the correctional court.

The investigation of prosecutors brought to light that among the defendants in the case were a fugitive officer and the son of a member of the House of Representatives, and that the bullet that hit Yusuf came from one of the marriages in the neighborhood of his injury location and that the joy was observed by random shootings of the two suspects, A decision to arrest and bring the other two, but the security forces could only arrest them after the matter was brought before the criminal court.

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