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Ramadan drama in the Arab world between "literary theft" and the promotion of the law of the jungle

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Many Arabic newspapers have printed large volumes of opinion pieces to discuss the dramatic works of Arabic stars in the holy month of Ramadan.

Although some commentators were busy classifying the series according to ratings, others accused some of the works of & # 39; plagiarism & # 39; and & # 39; promotion of applause & # 39 ;.

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"Asuf 2"

In Al-Ittihad in the UAE, Tamer Abdel Hamid discussed the allegations against social media users of different series, especially the Gulf, that were shown in Ramadan.

Abdulhamid confirms that the first episodes of the series "Al-Asouf 2" starring Saudi star Nasser Al-Qasabi "have not received the satisfaction of some followers because of monotony and calmness", adding that social media observers "comment gave on some historical errors in terms of clothing and decorations and accessories, The historical era in which the events of the series take place. "

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The writer also focused on the Kuwaiti series "The Cairo Batch", which deals with the stories of a group of Kuwaiti students during their studies at university level in Egypt with the first Kuwaiti party to Cairo in 1956.

"There is a clear resemblance between the new dramatic work and the events of & # 39; The Freedom Apartment & # 39; by the deceased Saudi writer Ghazi al-Gosaibi," he said, emphasizing that this resemblance "can be seen as a clear literary theft. "

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"Alwad Sayed Al-Shahat"

Mohammed Zakaria also confirmed on the seventh day that the series "Alwad Sayed Shehat" starring Ahmed Fahmy "has achieved great success since the launch of the show … and this year became a leader of comedy and singing alone".

"Ahmed Fahmy opted for a comic idea outside the box as usual … and achieved great success with many of the comedy series shown in the same season, with many of the stars of adult comedy present."

"Al Basha" and "Last Night" lead in Lebanon

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In the Lebanese news, Zeinab Hawi refers to the recent statistics about the series that led the Arabian audience.

Regarding the Lebanese drama & # 39; s, Hawi claims that these statistics indicate that "Basha" (written by Razi Wardeh, directed by Atef Kiwan) and "Late Night" (the story of Dmitri Malki is a dramatic adaptation of Abeer Sayah, directed by Osama Al-Hamad) And & # 39; Minute of Silence & # 39; (written by Samer Radwan and directed by Shawki Al Majri) "for the list of Ramadan's viewing ratios in Lebanon.

With regard to the number of tweets and Hachtagat numbers from the Ramadan series, Hawi claims that according to the numbers of the show's program, which is broadcast on Lebanese squares " & # 39;, Followed by & # 39; prestige & # 39 ;, & # 39; harvest & # 39 ;, & # 39; writer & # 39; and & # 39; minute silence & # 39 ;. "

"Shbaiha Lebanon occupies Ramadan drama"

Under this title, Nazir Reza in Lebanese cities criticized the clear presence of the language of violence and bullying in the series & # 39; five and a text & # 39; starring Nadine Nassib Njeim and Qusay Khouli, saying: "who & # 39; cook of the guards, and the revision of power, and & # 39; Scabih & # 39; and cars & # 39; s with glass The basic principle of the presence of the state, its existence as a legal reference and a security officer to break the law, and who is responsible for collecting individual rights and deterring those who are in violation. "

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Rida added that the series & # 39; prestige & # 39; also contains & # 39; expressions of praise outside the vicinity of remote border areas & # 39 ;.

The presence of these vehicles is part of the structure of influence, and the fact that these two series "promote an image in the Lebanese environment and convey it in its entirety. And is so connected that its existence is accepted as a "security need".

"The guests of honor the drama of Ramadan"

"The idea of ​​having guests of honor in TV drama & # 39; s has become a scene or a single episode of & # 39; fashion & # 39; or & # 39; fashion & # 39; repeated every year & # 39 ;, says Mona Shedid in the Egyptian Al Ahram. & # 39; The use of honor guests in the series is very high. & # 39;

She added that "many artists accept it to compliment their colleagues and support their work." Some of these scenes are very successful and become a trend on social networking sites, such as in the scene that Tamer Hosni with Ahmed Al Sakka in the series & # 39; Ould El Ghalaba & # 39; presented.

Series "boring and without gravity"

In an article entitled "Ramadan Drama 2019 is boring and lacking in attractiveness," Rabia Bin Sabah Al-Kuwari in the Middle East shows his views on the Ramadan series in general. "The Arab viewer no longer cares about the dramatic works of Ramadan for reasons that are possible Is known to everyone, and perhaps one of the main reasons for the reluctance of the recipient to follow these actions, that it has become boring and does not discuss any worries and problems that may arise from this drama commercial.

"Drama 2019 is still living in a & # 39; clinical death & # 39 ;, a period of loss and lack of professionalism … We are living in a period of weakness that requires an awakening to save the situation and renewal in this field , away from the courtesy that has killed the Ramadan drama and made it worse today Era ".

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