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The Egyptian host, Reham Said, aroused a state of anger after showing an episode of her show “Sabaya El-Khair”, in which she took a wild journey to hunt wolves and foxes.

The episode, which aired on Wednesday, was followed by campaigns to stop the program and the trial of Saeed, who had become used to attacks on campaigns and courts over the years due to controversial episodes.

Reham Saeed showed her audience this time with an episode entitled “Hunting Animals,” in which she beat and tortured a little fox that was handcuffed until its tears flowed in front of the cameras, calling on various animal rights groups to object to the episode and launching campaigns to which a large number of target groups affected by the difficult scene took part, demanding punishment Saeed and suspending the program.

Al-Nahar TV soon issued an apology to fans for the episode and its content, announcing its removal from all platforms.

The station confirmed that the purpose of the episode was to shed light on the activity of hunting animals in Egypt and export them abroad. “We appreciate the fury of the social networking pioneers over the hunting scene.”

Egyptian Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad, for her part, confirmed that due to the crisis of the Reham Said media program, no hunting permits were issued to individuals or entities to photograph a wildlife hunting trip.

The Environment Minister clarified that the circulating videos relate to various offenses, the main of which is hunting a wild animal without a permit and using prohibited hunting tools and methods for harming the animals, as well as acting in an inhumane manner and animal welfare laws. violate customs and practices. Therefore, this television program presented a false and unprofessional message to promote actions and behavior that are contrary to law, as illegal and overfishing threatens Egypt’s natural wealth and, along with other dangers, leads to the loss of many species and components of biological diversity, which means that the natural capital of the state is lost.

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