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Report .. 8 clashes between Salah and the Portuguese clubs. What did the pharaoh do?

The draw for the Champions League has drawn Liverpool and Porto in a quarter final of the Champions League.

The first leg of the first leg is held on Sunday and April 10, while the second leg is held in Portugal on 16 and 17 of the same month.

The English team qualified for the quarterfinals after eliminating Bayern Munich, while Porto beat the Roma and booked the boarding pass.

Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, has already confronted the Portuguese teams with more than one game that we will keep an eye on during the following:

Against Sporting Lisbon

Basel shirt

Salah looked at Portugal in four games (two Champions League games – two in the European league), of which no Liverpool shirt.

Salah was in Basel in 2012/13 and the Swiss team participated in the UEFA Champions League.

The Basel draw in Group G was accompanied by KRC Genk, Vide Mall and Sporting Lisbon.

Basel ended the first game at home with three unanswered goals, meaning Salah made two crucial passes and a draw in the second leg.

In that version, Basel reached the semi-finals of the tournament before losing to Chelsea, who eventually won the title.

Chelsea sweaters

Salah met the Portuguese team again, but this time in the group stage of the Champions League for the Champions League 2014/15 with Chelsea.

In that version, Chelsea is in Group G with Schalke 04, Maribor from Slovenia and Sporting Lisbon from Portugal.

The Blues won in the first match with a 4-1 win over Mu in 77 minutes.

Against Porto

Rome shirt

Roma faced the 2016/17 Champions League qualifier against Porto, a 1-1 draw in the first leg of Portugal, while Porto scored a three-leg way back in the Olimpico stadium.

Liverpool sweater

In the Champions League 2017/18, the two teams (Liverpool-Porto) met in the Round of 16.

The first leg of the game ended in a negative draw, while Salah and his team were able to complete the game with a clean five minutes and Mo scored a goal.

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