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Russia: a Soviet probe is likely to hit the ground this year

Experts warned that the Soviet spacecraft on its way to Venus could hit the earth later this year, with the spacecraft – according to Russia's 500 kg channel – launched in 1972, but the failed launch made "Cosmos 482 " Spins above the planet completely out of control.

Previous estimates indicate that the probe touches the ground between 2023 and 2025. However, new speculation suggests that the collision could take place before the end of 2019.

Soviet space missions aim to launch a spacecraft into the earth's "guard track" to serve as a launching platform in space equipped with a rocket engine and a probe. The probe is then launched to its target, but if it fails at this stage, "Cosmos".

He launched a probe "Cosmos 482"With"Molniya"The Soviets reached Earth's" waiting "orbit in March 1972, but the Soviet scientists failed to launch the probe on the path of Venus, leading to the division into 4 parts, leaving two pieces in the low orbit around Earth, New Zealand in two days.

"The main engine of the escape phase stopped 125 seconds after the launch due to the failure of the timer on board the probe, and as a result the spacecraft was orbiting the earth", according to the NASA report.

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