Tea and berries protect against heart disease

Research: Tea and berries protect against heart disease

A cup of tea or a handful of cranberry's per day can protect against the risk of heart disease, a recent study suggests.

A survey of nearly 53,000 people over a period of 23 years has shown that people who eat tea and cranberries in their daily diet have less heart attacks and strokes.

Scientists believe that cranberries are good for heart and brain health because it is rich in antioxidants that protect against infections.

The study, conducted at the University of Western Australia, says that 12,000 heart attacks developed between the participants in the research in almost two decades, which shows that they do not regularly drink tea or berries.

People who used 500 mg flavonoids per day with tea or berries were less likely to develop heart disease, the researchers said.

Eating large amounts of flavonoids also reduced the risk of peripheral arterial disease caused by fatty deposits in the arteries that limit blood flow to the muscles and stroke.

In addition, the study found that smokers and alcohol users needed more than 500 mg of flavonoids per day, the Daily Mail reported.

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