The Arab pilgrim season began in Damascus

The former UN observer, the retired army officer Ahmed Karouche, confirmed the correctness of the Algerian approach adopted since the crisis in 2011 broke out in Syria.

In an interview with the Algerian newspaper Al-Shorouq, Croche described the reopening of the Gulf embassies in Damascus as "the Arab pilgrim season."

In response to a question about the transformation that took place at the end of 2018 after the visit of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian Intelligence Commissioner who spoke with his Egyptian counterpart, and the reopening of the embassies of the UAE and of Bahrain in Damascus, The Arab pilgrimage to Damascus and with him the eight-year lifting of the unjust siege of the Syrian people. "

He added: "If the situation would only stop if the economic and political siege took place, it would have been smoother, but the siege extended to the assumption of the Arabs and the implementation of a Western Zionist agenda. They brought the terrorists from everywhere, financed him, trained him, provided him with the fatwa and gave him media attention and political coverage, Syrian Arab League, and issued a resolution to arm the so-called opposition, and the Arab League, led by Qatar, gave the Syrian President to the opposition and opened an embassy in Doha.

"We are witnessing even Western countries that can take the same step, and Arabs love what the West is doing," he said. "I think the siege has lifted Syria and its people."

Regarding the return of Syria to the Arab League, the former UN official stressed that the Arab and international world speaks of a close return to the Arab League and its broad scope, noting that Tunisia, in cooperation with Algeria and Iraq, and the accession of Sudan and the UAE and perhaps changes in the Saudi Foreign Ministry, He went on to say that other countries are still in the astronomy of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates wherever they are.

He said that the return will be easy, but it will be the hardest for Qatar, saying that it is the most damaging for Syria, the godfather of the freezing order, and the Syrian President is giving to the Syrian opposition, which opened an embassy in Doha .

He said that the permanent veto of Russia, sometimes supported by China at the United Nations, prevented the implementation of such a resolution, although the Arab League formally demanded the Security Council, but could not deliver its security.

He concluded his dialogue by pointing out that much can be done with Tunisia, but the arrogance that some Arab countries enjoy, and do not learn to come from the tree except by free fall, the fact that the speech of the Syrian leaders on the platform of the Arab League, whatever the picture irritates them, is an unambiguous explanation of Syria's victory, And the defeat of their project and the project of their allies in the region and this is what they could not see.

Source: Algerian newspaper Al-Shorouk

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