The fifth and final collection: selection of the world of technology for the best Android applications 2018

We have completed the collection "Technology World Picks for the best Android apps of 2018", which started with the introduction of its own collections a few days ago, and with the fifth and last group of today we have discussed the best applications this year on the Play Store, Applications in this group were generally as follows:

Group 1: Selection of the world of technology for the best Android applications for 2018

Group II: Selection of the world of technology for the best Android applications for 2018

Group 3: The world of technology for the best Android applications for 2018

Group D: selection of the world of technology for the best Android applications for 2018

1. Rivet:

The first application in this collection is a reading service for children, which includes more than 1500 free books, and of course these books are available in sections based on the level and age of the child.The application also comes with a friendly interface that interaction with the child. Can be directly derived from the dictionary property in the application because there is an option to evaluate books and save favorites on the Favorites tab, as well as the option to browse categories or search keywords, does not end there, where families to be able to follow the practice of reading and compilation of recommendations for daily reading.

2. to migrate:

The task of data migration is to back up an old custom ROM for a new custom ROM, where this application can do the following:

  • Applications such as "APK" files.
  • All data applications.
  • All permissions for applications.
  • Contacts as a .vcf file.
  • Call log.
  • Standard keyboard options.
  • DPI screen.

This application works just like other backup apps, but also includes some unique and special tools that will primarily improve the experience of recovering all applications and their data.

View the full application from here.

3. playJ:

The main idea is to share games and videos with friends, in other words, play games on someone else's device so they can watch together and you can also view videos together and all from a distance via Remote Screen Sharing. PlayJ runs, for example, on trial, but not limited to Sony phones, where each user download Android 5.0 and later the application and experience. Regarding the possibility of use after downloading the application is required to register via your Google or Facebook account, you can identify a game and invite a friend to share your screen with him, A small video feed where You can chat with your friend as if you were making a call with him.

The tools of the app are not limited to this, it also supports sharing a random application screen with someone, for example to open the YouTube app and share video with others and view at the same time. Or play every 24 hours.

4. Linux on DeX:

A new Samsung application, which is only available in the APK demo. Also for the application you first need a Samsung device that DeX supports and then installs, you will notice that it uses little storage space because the distribution is not complete, but will be downloaded later, With Linux distributions is generally not It is possible for a user to now select a distribution of Linux distributions for use on the Galaxy, but he will be able to install his Linux-compatible applications and documents without problems.

5. Faster and safer internet:

Cloud Flare released the DNS service last year, which supports DNS-over-TLS / DNS-over-HTTPS, in some cases faster than Google's service. Recently, the company announced that it is available on Android, making the process easier. 1.1: Faster and safer Internet, for application work, it sends DNS requests to your device via private CloudFlare servers, but uses a local VPN server, which means you can not use other VPNs at the same time. latest version of Android "9 Pie" easily changes DNS at system level, but if you are using an older version, this app is the alternative Appropriate.

6. Accessibility Cursor:

The Reachability Cursor application, which comes with a great idea to create a pointer that is very similar to the idea of ​​a mouse cursor on the desktop, is therefore only aimed at devices with a large screen, which you can use with one hand. navigate and browse the phone. For those who use gestures to navigate between their Android phone pages & tools, this application is available for free in two versions and no advertising is supported, while the other is paid for $ 4.49 to take advantage of more tools as an option to customize the indicator area to meet the needs, The advantage of Gestures and shortcut panel shortcut and shortcut for incoming notifications.

7. Simple Contacts Pro:

Is a contact manager who supports the internal storage of your contacts, synchronizes them with your Google account or other accounts, and other functions are the & # 39; Favorites list & # 39 ;, which contains the list of most familiar contacts. also be used as e-mail manager, as well as managing upcoming events, and has the ability to filter on multiple parameters, such as selecting the first name of contacts and so on the filter, in turn the application is free, it is available at the store for $ 0.99.

8. Meme stickers:

With the latest version of the Wattasab messaging application, the company has provided full support for poster packages, which means that there are many label applications for this purpose in the Google Play Store, of course we will not cover all, but the best. We have chosen the Meme stickers app, Google Play offers this application 9 different packages of posters, each package has 30 posters and with the passage of days there will be more.

9. EasyUp:

In this application, teams can work together very effectively by performing regular video presentations. The idea is that it is not always possible to put all the members of the team together in one location, so that the employer can keep everyone. A video can go from 30 seconds to 5 minutes are recorded and the application also supports the ability to post a photo of each member, as well as the ability to personalize the group as name, photo, etc.

10. zoetic:

We can define it as an application to group your photos into a video of time, by merging these images by finding similar points of interest, like a building or a face, and in view of the series of images that comes, makes Zoetic a video that changes over time, A limit is for example a landscape in which images represent the changing seasons, or the location of a building from the base to the last floors, and the video can be a object with different backgrounds, from birth to present.

This application is available in the first two versions for free and comes with limited options with advertising support, the second is the paid paid version does not support the ads, and has no limitations as the number of images, which regulate the accuracy of the video, and has the function of taking a photo directly by the camera with him, Basic like making extra video's.

11.Hero types:

Hero typing

This is a tool that makes it very easy to reuse long sentences with a short word when sending text messages, for example the expression & # 39; good morning & # 39; is very often used. With this application you can only write a combination of three or four letters as a shortcut to this sentence. Fully, and you are in the process of completing the shipment.

12. ES dawn:

ES Dawn

In particular, file manager ES File Explorer on Android has a customizable tool that allows the user to change the colors or change the default theme. If you are a user of the application and want to change the theme, try this new ES Dawn application, putting your hands in a beautiful background, Dark powerful colors somehow provide the battery, and there is transparency that can be managed at its level, so this application adds no benefits to file management. ES File Explorer only changes the theme.

13. Bridge:


Losing or repeating notifications when using more than one Android device is a problem for many users. For example, you open your "secondary" tablet. It is normal for your social account notifications to arrive and when you switch to your "main device". It has, the solution lies with the application Bridge.

This is a very short version of your escape when you encounter this problem, where the idea of ​​the application is to receive your notifications smoothly on all your Android devices. Not only can you read them, but you can also take advantage of the rapid notification procedures, such as quick answer option, as well as the Bridge application with a two-way sync function, where when a device is refused, it is rejected and retrieved on all devices.

14. Cerberus Child Safety:

This new application is designed to ensure that your children are safe in the real world by tracking their geographic location and more, or the digital world by watching what they do when they surf the Internet. For protection in the real world, as you can see, Once you enter and leave these areas, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone and you can also view detailed statistics "daily, weekly, monthly" on the use of the application by the child.

View the full application from here.

15. Plus Beat:

At the end of October, One Plus officially announced its flagship phone, One Plus 6T. One of the main points that the phone lacked were LED notifications, which would inform the owner of an unexpected communication. Plus Beat is an alternative to this feature, an accelerated flash of the phone screen at regular intervals, with support for user-defined time intervals.

Plus Beat supports the color and flash of each notification, for example Facebook notifications that you can adjust to flash with color, and Twitter notifications, for example you can adjust it to flash in other colors. Other functions of the app are also support for hiding, showing, · All content and show notification as an application icon.

16. Holopipe:

We can define it as a platform that allows you to see the content you have created or see the content created by others in the AR environment. This vision is 3D and in all respects. With this new application you can also choose content from the general catalog, Create your own world with 3D brushes and 3D models, as well as video, audio and photos & share your work with the audience and friends of the app.

The Holopipe application also offers other tools as a gradient, rotation and content transfer tool that supports the development of many content, as well as a public library with many models and a wide range of different choices, all in 3D.

17. MNDL screen recorder:

MNDL screen recorder "width =" 402 "height =" 805

The MNDL Screen Recorder application was developed to capture the video screen without ads or internal purchases. To record your screen, the Disable or Pause option appears in the Quick Alerts panel and includes the Auto Save option in a known cloud storage service.

18. hummingbird:

From Google News to Apple News to Facebook and Twitter feeds all try to offer something great to users by finding the news they want to read, but to be honest, few of these services say this thing, Microsoft is one of the companies that participate in the competition through its new application Hummingbird Exclusively available on the Android operating system.

View the full application from here.

19. Mint:

The Google Play Store is full of internet applications. Although these browsers are standard for all Android devices and phones such as the Chrome and Samsung browsers, the user always wants to try the new one, and fortunately there is always the new one. All Android devices are a new, lightweight, fast and secure web browser with no more than 10 megabytes, not to mention the sleek design that makes it easy to handle and gives access to all its tools.

20. Memoria:


The application of the photo gallery, which contains many tricks in its package, makes it worthwhile to try and install, and once installed, you will notice that the interface is divided into three tabs, photo & # 39; s and albums and favorites, not to mention the colors of the guide, dominated by white and light pink, choose the paid version.

Memoria comes with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to open and close folders, view images, quickly scroll, view, access photos & # 39; s and more. It is full of options and adjustments. You can simply install or hide folders at the top of the album list, And albums & # 39; vertically & horizontally & # 39 ;.

The application is available in free and paid versions, with the free version that is good enough, but it can soon support ads, get rid of them and get many other features and tools. Purchase the paid version that is currently available with a 70% discount on $ 1.

21. MiXplorer Silver:

The PixroDevs team has announced the launch of its full version of MiXplorer Silver in the Google Play Store The application can be defined as a package of MiXplorer file management with archiving tools and SMB2 plug-ins.Tagger will be supported soon. The application is delivered with a complete and powerful set of tools in its field. You can get to know them here.

22. Apex Weather:

The last application in this group, so we can say that we have completed the article "selected technology world for the best applications Android 2018", that we have stations that God wants, in general we can define this application as a complete tool in the field and has powerful and everything you need. Find out more about the weather in your region or around the world, and the main features are the current temperature and weather checker. This application shows you the status of the weather based on your current location and around the clock.You can also add more cities to the list so you can view it again whenever you want.

There is also an hourly hourly function, and with it you can view it again before you leave the house to prepare for unexpected weather changes, and you can also view the temperature, the chance of rainfall and many other benefits.

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