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The series of 12 – year – old artist Ahmed Al – Sakka

The series of 12 - year - old artist Ahmed Al - Sakka

MBC channels are expected to show the series of 12-year-old 12-star Ahmed Al-Sakka, which will complete the scene of the murder of Izzat "Hadi Al-Jayyar" and Dahi "Mohammed Mamdouh" and the circumstances of will uncover the crimes and the search for the perpetrator and reveal the truth, From the series "Ould Ghulaba" scheduled for today, and witnessed the events of knowledge of Issa that Dhahi and Izzat were included in him and the conversation that turns between them when they meet, so Ahmed Sakka regrets knowing this.

The story of a series born Al-Ghalaba episode
The episode of episode 12 of the series Ould Al-Ghalabah contained a sense of regret when he knew that Ezzat and Dhihi knew all the talk that was going on between him and Farah and that he was fully aware of the plan, in the Convinced that the end was near and that execution and the gallows would be his destiny. The driver, Farah himself, said he killed Dahi in retaliation for what he had done in his honor, "Izzat." In exchange for this recognition, the driver receives half of Farah & # 39; s legacy, which is embodied by singer Mai Omar.

Safia Anji accused her brother Issa of being the reason behind her divorce from her husband in Ould El Ghalaba 12, and the bad reputation that will spread about her emphasizes that he will not stay in the good man's eyes but will clearly and everyone will know that he is a drug dealer. "He said.

Doubts are expressed in the case of Izzat's wife in "Farah," and she is considering explicitly accusing her of the hand in the murder of her husband, but her brother, Rashwan, advises her to increase her performance. Farah is not asked to talk about the nature of Ezzat's work.

Safia collapses on Dahi's death and doubts that Issa has the reason behind him but without confirmation and is going to report and accuse him of working with the dead in the drug trade, and at this event the events in episode 12 of the series born from al-Ghulabah.

Heroes from the series born al – Ghulabah
"Al-Ghulaba" is written by Ayman Salama and starring Ahmed Sakka and another group of the most famous artists, including Mohammed Mamdouh, Hadi El-Jayyar, Engi El-Moghmad, May Omar, Wahba Magdy, Edward, Salwa Osman , Karim Afifi, Directed by Mohammed Sami.

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