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The series of earthquakes Episode 12 Twelfth Actor of the artist "Mohammad Ramadan"

The series of earthquakes Episode 12 Twelfth Actor of the artist

Watch the series of episodes from the twelfth episode of the series "Earthquake", in which the artist Mohammed Ramadan played the leading role, and is scheduled to broadcast episode 12 of the earthquake via the screen of the channel DMC and MBC, and it is noteworthy that the last episode Mohammed Ramadan appeared at the university and explained a number of lectures to his colleagues at the university At that time, the university doctor, who embodies his character Karim Osama, said he was asked to include his name in the memoirs of the & # 39; earthquake & # 39 ;, around LE 1200.

Events of the earthquake series Episode 12
Struggling events in a terrible series of earthquakes Episode 12, in which Rabie, who was embodied by Hossam Dagher Khalil Khalil to transfer his mother from a public hospital to private, after the deterioration of the health situation, and the mother of an earthquake spent with an earthquake to her son after the theft of Thirty Thousand Pounds.

The events were followed by the appearance of Khalil Kittha's sister in the hospital and their third sister. They called him to one of the nurses after they learned that they were big brothers A & ay al-Ayyat, and he left his sister in a general hospital and did not transfer it to the private person.

In the aftermath of the injustice of Amal's father and his seizure of the land, they recognized their love for some and went to Mohammed Ramadan University to return his wallet lost in the parking lot.

There was no hope of an earthquake after seeing him with hope, she saw the looks of love between Amal and Mohammed Ramadan and ended up in a state of deep sadness after the scene she saw between the lovers.

The series of an earthquake by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, produced by the company Snirji, starring Mohammed Ramadan, along with another constellation of the most brilliant stars of art, led by Hala Shiha, Majid Masri , Nasreen Amin, Mona Abdul Ghani, Hanadi Mhani, Hossam Dagher, Mustafa Mansour, Youssef Osman, Ayat Hilali, Salwa Othman

The story of Episode 12 of the series "earthquake"
The series revolves around a man who buys a house in installments of fixed duration and value. When the last installment is due, the owner of the house demands that the house be registered in his name and his property is declared, but the seller wait until the "1992 earthquake" in which the buyer dies and the house collapses after the earthquake. And its consequences, and leaving the sons of Muhammad Harbi dignity, which is called "earthquake," and which is in a major conflict with life.

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