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"Update" exchange rates on Friday May 17, 2019. Dollar, Saudi Riyal and Euro banks and the black market .. Afternoon

Follow us daily Currency rates today In Egypt, The banks and the parallel market and the prices of the US dollar, the euro and the Saudi riyal, we present you daily updated exchange rates in the banks, as well as in the black market, in addition to the effects that currency exchange rates up and down and the reasons for activity or the decline of the black market.

The overall performance of the & # 39; s currencies in the last six months was the stability of the US dollar and the Saudi Riyals, while the euro continued to fluctuate due to the correlation with the global price at the global exchange rates. The Dollar and the most currencies disappeared again due to an improved Egyptian credit to B1.

Dollar and currency prices today at banks
Dollar and currency prices today at banks

Dollar and currency prices in Egypt

  • Dollar price in banks: the dollar exchange rate against the Egyptian pound has stabilized in banks today at the average price on the Egyptian market in more than a month.
  • Euro rate in banks: The euro rose in trade last month, influenced by the rise in its rate on international currency exchange rates, and the gradual decline of Egyptian banks, with an average purchase price of £ 21.10 and an average sale of 20 £ 40.
  • The Saudi Riyal Price in Banks: The stability of the Saudi currency exchange rate in the Egyptian banks remained at the same price averages for the second consecutive month after the end of the Hajj period.

Currency rates today in Egyptian banks against the pound

currenciesHighest purchase priceLowest selling price


Egyptian Arabian land bank


Egyptian Export Development Bank



Egyptian Arabian land bank


Arab African International Bank

Pounds sterling


Arab International Banking Company


Central Bank of Egypt

The Saudi Riyal




Arab African International Bank

Dirham, United Arab Emirates


Egyptian Golf Bank


Egyptian Export Development Bank

The Jordanian dinar


National bank of Egypt


Credit Agricole

Kuwaiti dinar


Arab International Banking Company


Industrial Development Bank

Omani Rial


National bank of Egypt


Bank of Alexandria

Bahraini Dinar


Bloom Bank


Bank of Alexandria

Factors that influence the exchange rates of banks

  • The US dollar is affected by the increase in cash reserves of the Egyptian banks of the green currency, the low inflation and the improving indicators of the Egyptian economy, which gradually declined over the medium term, to its long-term fair levels of LE14 and LE11 reached.
  • The euro is influenced by Egyptian banks at the global price of the European currency against the dollar. As the greenback recedes, the European currency rises in the foreign exchange market and also rises in Egyptian banks.
  • The Saudi riyal is influenced by the law of supply and demand and the high reserves of banks from the Saudi currency. The demand for riyal increases at the time of booking of tourist companies in the travel seasons for the implementation of Umrah and pilgrimage, with the reservation in Saudi riyals is. While traders resort to the black market in the absence of the availability of riyale banks, which leads to recovery.

Currencies on the black market

The price of currencies on the black market is linked to the law of supply and demand. Since the decision to liberalize the pound against currencies two years ago, trading in black markets has not been favored by traders. Black Market is approaching the official price. banks.

  • The average dollar price on the black market buys £ 17.88 and sells £ 17.75.
  • The average price of Saudi riyals on the black market is £ 4.80 and sells £ 4.75.
  • The average price of the euro on the black market buys £ 20.60 and sells £ 20.90.

Black market prices are approximate, vary from place to place based on supply and demand, and the black market has been shrinking and suffering in recent years due to the improved exchange rate of the dollar against the currency.


The rate of the dollar depends on the Egyptian market for supply and demand, and has fluctuated since 2011 and reached the same price averages in 2018 in the last six months.

The euro is linked to the Egyptian banks, the black market, the worldwide price of foreign currencies, the European currencies against the dollar, and due to the rise in the dollar due to investor optimism in the US economy This led to a fall in both European currencies and gold.

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