Video and photos – neighbors about the slaughter of his wife and children: "We did not know anything about him … Masrawy

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

كفرالشيخ – إسلام عمار:

"Great shock" .. Two words described by the neighbors of the victims of the Kafr Sheikh massacre, they put to the details of the terrible crime, where a mother was killed and her three children were killed by the head of the family.

"Masrawy" moved 24 hours after the incident to the towers area in the Sakha district in the city of Kfar Shalikh, and due to the arrival of the Omar bin Al Khattab tower. 4, which took place on the fifth floor of the crime, we found the gatekeeper for him and his brother next to the trek of his visit to try to forget what was happening, While there is a guard in the apartment where the crime took place.

"I will build a professor where I am .. I am tired and God who has Ambarh .. I can not believe that he has given Dr. Mona good murders and in the way De De and her children .. And God is my soul Ttabnh ".. Thus spoke Hassan Abdel Karim, 30, a concierge The tower, to" Masrawy ", initially refused to talk because of a bad mental state.

Hassan confirmed that he was in a state of great shock and shock, as were the rest of the inhabitants of the tower and the people in the region, which happened because there were no differences between the accused doctor in the incident and his wife, the victim, causing him to kill her or kill his liver. It happened, the man is also nice and friendly, just like his wife.

In the afternoon the doctor saw that Defendant left his apartment in the tower and after 30 to 45 minutes got back in his car and took the tower lift and after about 10 minutes his apartment begged to go to him and the victim surgeon and her children saw The Three being slaughtered.

In the same area, Faraj Abdo, one of the inhabitants of the towers area in the Sakha district, and the victim and the victim pointed out that the victim had a good biography and respect between the neighbors and the people in the region. He was also a friend of her deceased father, They have all hit the people of Sakha.

He explained to Masrawy that he knew nothing about her husband and did not know him well, but in general she is like a family where no one in the region knows that there are strong differences between the couple, or simply complaining about each other or complaining about one of them.

He said people thought that the unknown committed the crime, and some were in a state of horror, but after the discovery of the truth the man reassured the man's involvement.

Ahmed Ezzat, a native of the area, told Masrawy that the doctor accused of killing his wife and children knew nothing about him. He spoke very easily to people and showed no signs of change. He shook him 24 hours before the incident. And a chat between them reassured him.

He stressed that if a resident of Sakha's towering area lives in a big shock from the man who committed the murder of his wife and his three children in the same ugly face that was announced when he and his wife Mona al-Sejni had a good relationship with all, and there are no other or other hostile conflicts.

Research in Kafr el-Sheikh province on Tuesday revealed a surprise in the murder of a family of four whose bodies were found in their apartment, where the father of the crime was accused.

Major General Farid Mustafa, director of Kafr El-Sheikh Security, received a report from Dr. Ahmed A., 42, in which he stated that after his return from work to his family's home in Kafr al-Sheikh, his wife Mona and his children Abdullah, and "Omar" 6 years, and "Laila" 4 years of sex.

The security director, the director of the investigation and a number of police officers inspected the apartment, there were no broken doors or windows overlooking the streets or the windows of the skylights and the officers began to suspect that the apartment had no violent effects.

He narrowed the screws around the husband, collapsed for the director of security and detectives and confessed his crime, referring to the differences between him and his wife, by which he lost his mind and avoided his humanity and on New Year's Eve. woman and children lost.

The husband, who resembled the incident, was arrested at dawn and was referred to the Bandar Kafr al-Sheikh prosecution, who conducted the investigation, and ordered on Tuesday the detention of the accused father, "Ahmed SA", 40, a doctor. ongoing investigations.

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