Video … NASA resolves the controversy about the “asteroid approaching Earth”

Many have been circulating reports in recent days of a small celestial body approaching the planet amid the belief that it is an asteroid that could collide with it, but “NASA” confirmed the matter is not true.

“NASA”, according to what was reported by the US network “Fox News”, that the object observed in Earth’s orbit is nothing more than an old rocket that was built in the 1960s, that is, more than half a century. ago, was launched into space.

She explained that the rocket is of the improved model, which was used in the launch of spacecraft or installed on these vehicles to boost them beyond Earth.

The upgraded Centaur rocket accompanied the “Surveyor 2” spacecraft, which was launched towards the moon in 1966, but the mission ended in failure as the spacecraft was destroyed immediately after landing on the Earth’s surface.

On Wednesday, the object reached the closest point on Earth, at a distance of 50,000 km, before taking off, and “NASA” followed the missile’s path and captured it with video.

Press releases and social media leaders talked about the existence of an asteroid, and some called it “SO 2020”, raising fears that it would cause disaster if it collides with Earth, and that the This year’s setbacks are increasing.

“Because of the object’s small size, it was difficult to determine its characteristics,” said University of Arizona professor and planetary scientist Vishnu Reddy.

Reddy added that “we have obtained evidence from an advanced telescope that the SO 2020 UFO is not an asteroid.”

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